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Astro Taxi is known as the customer service-based company for airport ride

Astro Taxi: Ultimate, Safe, and On-time Airport Taxi Service

Best ride of your life…Do you want anything more than that? Every customer wishes to have a seamless, safe, and best ride while choosing to travel from one place to another. With the Astro Taxi, you will be given the best service of the Flat Ride Sherwood Park Taxi & it will be much easier for you to reach the desired destination: Airport ride. You know what the intention towards the decision which is right, affordable, and upscale should be your preference in every sense. Our chauffeurs have gained trust over the years from the numerous clients to Book Airport Taxi Sherwood Park whether in advance or on an urgent basis.

Customer Service-Based Company

Indeed! We all want nothing but the best of customer service-based company which can be easily judged through the factors like:

  • Flat-rate cab and easy to travel the long-distance
  • Easy to book a cab
  • Quick service of booking
  • Get the taxi ride customized (Get it scheduled on the specified date & time, choose the taxi of your own choice)

Flat rate cabs – Preferred option & budget-friendly

With time, the way the taxi industry works and provides service to customers has changed a lot. The option of a Flat Ride Sherwood Park Taxi will ensure the prices are the same irrespective of the place or distance. Moreover, there will not be any hidden charges or extra charges which will come to you as a surprise. The facts have shown that when everything is well-managed the desired service will be exceptional in a way that you have not even thought about.

No stress of getting stuck in the traffic or getting late

Earlier, there was the stress of getting stuck in the traffic, and with that comes the problem of the meter getting rising slowly. No doubt, the consumer wants a relaxing ride all the way long and not at all disturbing in any sense. Whether you wish to take a phone call, or even want to have a snooze, you can do that by relaxing yourself in the back seat.

Service seen like never before

Whether you wish to get your cab booked for the ferry service, long ride, tour, or any other specific option, through the flat rate cab all that is possible. On the whole, the leading taxi provider in Sherwood Park focuses on quality which means expecting just the best in everything. By doing so, it will be easier on your part as there will not be any stress or discomfort.

Your wait will be worth it

Astro Taxi is a trusted brand not just for name sake but the customers have noticed the same through the service they have got. If you would like to be on that list of happy customers then feel free to reach out to us any time. Let us give you a memorable experience you never have even imagined in your life.

Airport Taxi Flat Ride Sherwood Taxi

Reach your destination on time, by cooperating with your taxi driver

If you are going to travel a longer distance, then it is always better that you travel by taxi or cab. If you are confused about whom to choose then you must, consider us by Calling @ (780) 467 2222

The main reason why you should choose us is our reputation in Sherwood Park and the flat rates which we offer.

Here are a few of the things which you need to consider if you need to reach a place early:

Pay The Driver With The Convenient Method

Did you know?

Most of the Taxi drivers in Sherwood Park hate being paid with credit cards. Want to know, why?


  • Charges by Card Companies

Most of the card companies do charge about 2.5 to 3.75% on every swipe. This way your driver loses money, which everybody does hate. No?


  • Manual Charges Are More

If for some reason your taxi driver finds it difficult to swipe the card, then he needs to manually enter your card number. And that costs him even more than usual swipe fees.

So it is suggested that you must pay your driver with cash.

Why Pay An After-Hours Surcharge?

Usually, all the taxi companies at Sherwood Park charge an after-hours surcharge. But there is no such thing with us. We are 24/7 available for you at the same prices.

Cabs Are Better Than Uber

Astonished. But such is the fact. So, the next time you are confused about whether you should be booking Uber or Cab, do not let your thoughts go here and there. Just catch them at a place and convince them to book a cab as it is the far better and cheaper option for you.

If Possible, Avoid Riding In The Traffic Hours

If possible, then consider avoiding travelling during these hours, as it is the time when the traffic is at the peak:

  • 7.30am to 9.00am – Morning
  • 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Evening

It will make you avoid reaching your destination. Also, our driver will get the time to attend to the customers in the queue. Otherwise, there are chances that he could suffer from the loss of 3 to 4 rides. I know you are sympathetic enough to not let the drivers suffer from the losses.

Ask For The Weekly And The Monthly Rates

Sometimes your job postings are done at places where you can only reach with the cab or the taxi. If you’re not willing to leave your family, then doing daily up and down is the only option left with you. But that would cost you more. No?

In that situation, it would be beneficial if you ask the taxi or the car driver about the weekly and monthly rates.

It will not only help you to cut on your daily costs but you will get yourself free from the hassle of booking the cab or taxi regularly.

Airport Taxi Cab Service Flat Rate taxi 


Do you want to book a cab in Sherwood Park? No worries! You have come to the right. Whether you are new to the place or you have come here just to spend a few days with your friends. Everyone is busy and no one wants to be a burden on others. This is where you can put your trust in the well-known Sherwood Park Taxi service: Astro Taxi for the best service beyond words. Even if you have never booked the cab as your brother, sister, or other family member used to do it for you. Astro Taxi cab booking service is simply the best and easy to do so. Moreover, with our service, you can expect a flat rate cab which we are going to discuss in the further section. Let’s get started.


Call us at 780 467 2222

A cab is the most ideal way to travel to different places. No matter, whether you are a tourist or a local, the cab service is available 24*7 and with the on-time drop and pickup service, you can expect to reach the place on time.

With Astro taxi, you can reach the desired place in the most comfortable & spacious manner. You just have to sit back & relax in the back seat without worrying about anything. Call us on the given Phone No: 780 467 2222 and get all the desired information on how you need to book the cab or any sort of detail you would like to have. Astro Taxi Team ‘Where you will need the cab we will send it to you.


Book a cab

We are here to make it easy for you to book a cab. No stress, hassle, or doing things in a hurry. With our taxi company, you will get the leverage to book the taxi in advance so that there are not any sort of last-minute delays. If you have to catch a flight after 2 weeks, it’s better to get it booked in advance. Just make sure to mention all the right details from your end and our trained chauffeurs will be there at your place at the set time. Mention the booking date and booking time. Without wasting any more second book a cab.


Emergency service

Sometimes we try to plan everything but it’s life and an emergency can occur at any time. Simply give us a call on Phone No: 780 467 2222 and let us know the location where you want us to be there for you.


Ask around in Sherwood Park

Being new to the place it is difficult to trust anyone. But with time when you start talking to people and sharing your hardships & talking to each other, you will form a bond with a few people. Those few people are the ones who will let you know where to book the cab. Astro Taxi is one of the known names in Sherwood Park trusted by thousands of customers for the cab service.


Get an estimate

Before You travel, we are giving you the benefit to get an estimate about the taxi fare. Just choose the location where you want to travel to know about the taxi fare.

Airport Taxi Cab Service


Taxi services are important especially when one is visiting a new city for either fun or even when on a business trip. One should pay a great deal of attention when booking a taxi. This is to his advantage because a new city might pose a challenge to a new driver in the sense that it’s hard to adjust to new roads with their own rules. With a taxi from a reputable firm like “Airport taxi Sherwood park“, one will benefit from experienced hands to offer him the needed convenience. When looking for a taxi service, one should be keen on the package offered when reserving a given taxi model. From the official website, one will get reviews of those who have used the service and determine whether one would go for them or not.

The chauffeur should be a professional with a keen ear to catch instructions given. This means one should go with the best firm, most of the firms are stationed at the heart of the city with some situated at major airports. Regardless to their office location, one would be picked up at the airport on arrival from any collection point indicated when filling in the application form online. One should go for a firm that has maintained a reputation of providing quality services to its clients. This is to say that the firm should maintain their top performance at all times. When booking a taxi service, one would specify if he will be content with getting picked and dropped to the his destination or will need a ride for as couple of hours. This is as far as the service is concerned.

When one gets online, one will get sites that promote these invaluable taxi services. There are sites that are hosted by individual companies and thus promote taxi service offered by a given entity. There are also sites that offer comparative services and this means several companies get their models on the sites and have the site promote them. One should get the service that exactly suits his needs. there are several models whose price quote would range from a given class. There is the luxurious class where top models reign supreme. There is the economy class and depending on the budget one can also consider lower classes. Regardless to the taxi that one books, a good taxi should allow entertainment function as well as ensure the passenger’s safety. One should go for a firm that updates its fleet to the latest in the market. This is to take advantage of the new and exciting features that come with them.

One should make sure that when going for Airport taxi Sherwood park services, the taxi has the latest features for a quality ride. Just use the provided link to know more about Airport taxi Sherwood park

Airport Taxi Cab Service


Looking for best transportation services you can trust at Edmonton Airport?

Being Edmonton’s leading taxi service firm, we take pride for our commitment to provide pioneering, professional & reliable service to all the travelers. Edmonton airport taxi services has the largest fleet of Private Hire vehicles, executive cars and mini buses in Edmonton and continues to grow every day. Our system ensures smooth, efficient and swift booking process to provide an incomparable and supreme level of service to all of our customers. We offer affordable rates from and to the Edmonton airport. We have complete Hygienic, neat and clean vehicles with the professional drivers for the comfort and safety of your ride.

We provide best dedicated, professional and safe Airport taxi services at Edmonton. We are proud to serve Edmonton with all your taxi needs be it from the airport of Edmonton or to the airport of Edmonton. Contact us and book our best Airport taxi services in Edmonton. We proudly added our fleet of luxury and comfortable vehicles to our airport fleet with Air Limousine.

We are the most trustworthy, friendly and loyal private transportation service in Edmonton with an aim to give you an exceptional Travelling experience from Edmonton Airports to any destination of your choice serving you with our large fleet of luxury taxis.

We provide luxury airport taxi services for every individual, for big groups, and for corporate transportation needs every time.

Our objective is to provide our customers hassle free road transportation services which are comfortable, neat, Hygienic, professional, affordable, safe and luxurious and all at the same time. We work to build a long-term relationship with our customers giving them a satisfactory experience.

We Follow all Covid-19 guidelines for your safety!

Your Safety is our #1 priority!  We follow the approach of transparency and want you to know the details of our cleaning process so you can feel completely confident when booking your ride with us!  After every ride, each vehicle is:

  • Wiped down with Ultrasound Wipes to clean & disinfect.
  • Sprayed with Sanitizers
  • New Masks and Hand Sanitizer are all on board for your use.
  • Your chauffeur will also wear a mask.

Contact us!

We work for our customers and love our customers, so feel free to contact us anytime so that we can help to arrange your perfect, luxurious and comfortable transportation service.


If you have any other queries or concerns, regarding our services please let us know.

Airport Taxi Cab Service


We are living in a technologically advanced era. The services, like the automobile services, make our lives easier. People choose to order a cab for travel within the city or to travel outside of the city. Taxi services are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the numerous benefits they provide to clients. A good taxi service will not only get you to your destination on time but will also save you money and time. It is critical for a tax services provider to keep their facilities up to date to attract as many consumers as possible.

Rather than driving their own automobile, people choose to hire one. It is cost-effective and does not require any maintenance for vehicle management, among other things. Many taxi businesses, too, employ technology to make their services more innovative and efficient for their customers.

Sherwood Park Cab is dedicated to providing clean, cost-effective, and competent taxi services. You can not only receive a dependable transfer, but you can also save money compared to a random transfer. If you have to travel to or from Edmonton Airport, Sherwood Park Cab can be the best way to go.

Airport Taxi Sherwood Park is one of the finest ways to travel hassle-free from the Edmonton Airport. The Airport Taxi Sherwood Park service is present 24*7 and offers pickup and drop-off service anywhere in Sherwood Park.

There is no compulsion to make the payment in cash as they accept credit cards, debit cards, or any other e-transfer service as well. The prompt service is assisted with the GPS system to ensure the appropriate use of time.

Airport taxi Edmonton has the greatest cab drivers that are aware that their clients may experience a spectrum of feelings. The success of airport taxi services is being heavily emphasized. They also won’t risk their image or lose customers by employing inexperienced or incompetent drivers. Furthermore, these drivers are quite pleasant, kind, and trustworthy.

If you don’t want to wait in line, you may reserve a cab online. The extremely successful booking websites of airport taxis are one of the most major advantages. To plan a pickup, simply browse to their website and click “book online,” and your desired car will be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.

Sherwood Park Cabs provides a pleasant and clean trip as well as a safe arrival to clients who qualify for special senior discounts. As a result, the journey is both cost-effective and pleasant.

The local flat rates available for anywhere in Sherwood Park make it affordable and also helps in saving time and reaching the airport on time.

Airport Taxi Cabs Sherwood Park


If you are the kind of person that is willing to get outstanding services for making your journey luxurious, then you have arrived at the right place. By just spending a few cents more you can grab a hassle-free and comfortable ride for yourself. After a hectic flight journey, a chauffeured driven cab is best suited to make you relax and comfortable throughout the ride. That is why Cabs Sherwood Park is preferred by most of the passengers over local cabs.

If we talk about professionalism, they have the most qualified and certified drivers that are appointed to offer luxurious treatment to the passengers unlike the local cabs with unprofessional staff. The customer care service offered by Cab Sherwood Park is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Chauffeured driven cars.

Another reason that makes them superior is their promise to ensure complete privacy after picking their customers. You can enjoy the journey without any hesitation and stress. Moreover, if you compare them with local cabs, neither the drivers are professional nor the vehicles are well maintained. Some of them are even rude while communicating with passengers. But the chauffeurs are friendly in their approach and replies in a polite manner.

The major reason why people are attracted towards the chauffeur driven cars is that they always take the shortest route to take you to the destination and are always on time. After all who doesn’t prefer a short and comfortable ride after a long flight journey. Also, they even help you with your luggage. On the other hand, the local cabs don’t have a good track record of reaching on time and as a result, people miss their flights or run late for their business meetings, etc.

With chauffeur driven cars you will get the entire detail about your journey after you complete the booking process. For instance, your pick up and drop off time and the additional amenities which you will get. So, choosing Cabs Sherwood Park driven by chauffeurs over local cabs is a wise decision that you will never regret.

Airport Taxi Flat Rate taxi  Flat Ride Cab Sherwood Park


Travelling from one place to another can turn out to be really expensive if you have not selected the right mode of transportation. That is why people opt for public transportation such as train, bus instead of their own vehicles. But travelling in public transportation is very tiring and not comfortable at all. They run as per the timings so you have to schedule your travel according to their timings, which is so annoying and uncomfortable.

The best way where you don’t have to worry about money is to travel via Flat Rate Cab Sherwood Park. With metered taxis, you don’t know what rate you will be paying on your airport travel. And this turns out to be expensive and beyond your expectation. That is why travellers prefer Flat Ride Cab Sherwood Park. Read onto know how flat rate airport taxis are a way cheaper than metered taxis:

Flat Rate

No matter how much traffic you face on the way or the distance you travel because of rerouting, the price will remain the same. There will be no hidden charges. You will know the rate before your journey so you will be at peace that this is the amount I am going to charge with. Unlike Flat Rate Cab Sherwood Park, with metered taxis, you can’t be certain about the price you will be going to pay for your journey. Though it will be estimated but you will end up paying a little more at the end of your journey.

Ask for Price Negotiation

With flat rate taxis, you can negotiate the price. Some companies offer you an excellent rate if deals or discounts are going on. So, don’t forget to ask for a great deal.

Peace of Mind

The best thing about flat rate taxis is that you will be knowing exactly how much your fare will be. For instance, if your rate for the airport taxi is $60 then all you need to pay is $60 only, nothing more or less. This allows you to plan your money allocation wisely.

Contact us to get the best flat rates for your next airport visit.

Airport Taxi Cab companies Flat Ride Cab Sherwood Park


When you book a taxi, you want to make sure that they land you safely to your preferred destination. With plenty of choices available these days, it is quite a challenging task to know which Cab Sherwood Park company to use. We have narrowed down the list to help you out in making the right choice when selecting the taxi.

Experienced Chauffeurs

One of the foremost and significant things when choosing Cabs Sherwood Park is making sure that the drivers are qualified and experienced in their jobs. After all, you are giving your life in their hands. They should know how to drive safely. Also, ensure they have required licenses to drive the vehicle. Sometimes drivers are quite rude in their approach towards you. So, make sure the company you are choosing have friendly and competent drives to make your journey smooth.

Well Maintained Vehicles

The next important thing is whether their vehicles are safe to use? Are they well maintained and safe to drive? They must have passed safety tests and do not need any kind of repair if serving the passengers. An unsafe vehicle can put your life at risk so you should be careful about this aspect. Reputed companies always offer comfortable, clean, and safe vehicles.

Is It Worth The Money?

We all know how some taxi companies rip off the customers via expensive meters. You should look out for a taxi that charges you a fair amount. It implies the meter should not run fast. The good companies offer Flat Ride Cab Sherwood Park for trips to and from the airport. This deal is quite affordable as compared to the companies that overcharge. If you are happy with their services you can always have ways to show gratitude towards the driver.

Reputed Company

When looking to book a taxi, always prefer reputed companies. They have goodwill and are famous for a reason and you should not ignore that. Their main motive is to keep their customers happy by providing them a safe and comfortable ride to their destination. Plus, to make the booking process easier for you, they offer multiple ways. You can either book a taxi online, call them, or use their app. Also, they have multiple modes of payment. You can choose your preferred mode and pay the required amount.

These are the points you should look out for when booking a taxi service to have a smooth ride.

 Taxis Sherwood Park Airport Taxi Flat Ride Cab Sherwood Park


For the corporate people who are always on tour either for business deals or important meetings, it becomes frustrating for them to look out for mode of transport in a completely unknown place. Things turn worse if you have luggage with you along with your important documents. Travelling in the city can only become comfortable and relaxing if you have hired a good airport Taxis Sherwood Park.

These companies have experienced chauffeurs that understand your needs well and meet all your expectations. Pre-booking of airport taxi transfers in Sherwood Park can transform your journey and prevent you from all the travelling stress. You can just relax in your ride after a tiring journey as the vehicles they provide are extremely comfortable and well maintained. You can enjoy sightseeing without any hassle.

When booking a cab with a good company, you will be assured of a timely pickup and drop to your destination. So, you will never have to worry about reaching the conference venue on time as they are quite punctual and professional in their approach. Another thing is whenever you go for professional work either for business deals or meetings, it is always good to arrive in style. They have a wide range of fleet available which you can book as per your preference.

Thinking about cab companies, people are always concerned about safety and pricing. You can always count on companies with a good track record. No matter at which time of the day you are travelling, your safety will be taken care of well. Most cab companies make sure that their clients will have the best experience travelling with them. That is why they offer an excellent pricing policy. Most of the time people don’t know in advance about what they are going to be charged for a ride. But with Astro Taxis, you will get Flat Ride Taxi Sherwood Park. So, this way you know the price in advance for your airport transfers.

If you want a comfortable and royal ride to and from the airport, Taxis Sherwood Park is the best option.