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Whenever you are not in the mood of driving and want someone to drive you to your destination, then you need to book a flat rate cab. The driver will drive you to your place. But some people do not deem it as the relevant reason for booking a Sherwood park taxi or cab. If you are the one who wants more such reasons to get convinced of booking a taxi or the cab, then our today’s blog is surely going to be for you:


No Stress Journey

Agree or Not, when you are in the back seat, then you do not have any kind of stress. But you do have a great load of stress when you are driving. You have to set your eyes on the paths to make sure that you do not violate any rule or you do not end up getting into some kind of mishap.

Mobile phones, which are the only source of entertainment for people these days, can not be operated when one is sitting on the front seat having steering at hand. But sitting in the backseat has its benefits. You can use mobile phones, watch your favourite TV or the Netflix series, prepare a presentation, video call with anybody or so many others.


No hassle of calling the driver

When you have booked the driver from our website, the next thing you have to do is to be ready since our drivers will always be on the way. You do not need to worry a bit about whether a driver will arrive or not.

Once you have booked us online, then be assured that you will not suffer from any kind of hassle.


No side trips and early pickup

One of the best things because of which people admire us the most is that the drivers of Sherwood park cabs pick the customers from his location without making them wait so long. And you will not get to see any trouble since the taxi driver will drop you straight to your destination without any kind of side trip.


Familiarity with the local areas

If you are a tourist and have visited our town for the first time, then be assured. Our drivers are so cordial with the tourists that they always help them to know the various places of the local areas.


No extra and irrelevant charges

Since you are booking a flat rate cab whose charges remain the same irrespective of the distance to be covered. So it will be foolish to expect that the charges would rise in case the traffic jam is there or because of any other thing. Customers are God to us so we always believe in fair dealings.


Bottom Line

If you have gotten convinced with the above-mentioned points that you should be booking the taxi or cab from us, then what are you waiting for?

Book us at your earliest so that we do not run out of availability.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Tip Your Sherwood Park Cab Airport Taxi Driver

Traveling through the airport taxi service is a whole other kind of experience. Especially, when you choose to get the services of the Sherwood Park Taxi it is a way better experience than you expected it to be. As a whole experience when we talk about you will be getting the Flat Rate Cab service, safety, and on-time service. Astro Taxi is here to make the entire experience the best and you can see through the endeavor put in by the chauffeurs when you get the airport taxi or taxi service in general. Now, like others, your concern is, ‘How much should you tip the airport taxi driver?’ This blog has mentioned those tips which can make it easier for you.


How to tip the airport taxi driver?

Tip 1: Give them the tip you think they deserve it

No doubt, if your ride has been way better than you expected then you need to tip them. When the chauffeur who has come for the pickup, gives you the service they promised then they deserve a good tip just to appreciate their hard work.


Tip 2: At least 10% tip is needed or doesn’t do it

If the taxi service seems good to you and you think of paying the tip, then at least 10% tip should be paid or more. If you think of paying less than that then it is better that you don’t do it. On the chauffeur end, it might seem like that you are insulting them or giving it just for namesake.


Tip 3: Luggage handling requires more tip

The driver who has come to provide you with the taxi service is friendly helps you with your luggage and shows utmost respect that they deserve the reward for the same. When you know you have the best experience choosing them for the airport taxi service, then you should pay them at least 20% tip or more, only if your pocket allows you to do so/


Tip 3: Tip the dollar in one piece

If you are expecting that the taxi driver will give you the change or they have spare money, then don’t assume that. You should tip the dollar in whole because they can’t get it to break for you. If you ask them to give you the change for the tip then it is kind of embarrassing on your end and they might feel insulted.


Tip 4: Consider the ride quality and pay the tip

Indeed! You need to pay for the tip, depending on what type of ride you have experienced. You can pay for the ride by considering the given factors:

  • 10% tip – For the okay ride
  • 15% tip – For the standard ride
  • 20% tip – For the best ride of your life

Just consider your overall experience and then pay the necessary amount of tip to show appreciation to the chauffeur’s work and it also tells that they are highly satisfied with your work ethics and service. Withal, if something does not seem right to you or you experienced any sort of issue then let them know how they can improve in the future. Any professional chauffeur will happily listen to your suggestions.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


We all the Sherwood Park Taxi drivers are of the view that when we are talking about the transportation and the travelling, then we are considering it in one of our daily needs. Since we need to travel to a place at least once a day. No?

So travelling can be considered as highly important and its cruciality can be thought equivalent to Food, Clothing and Shelter. Since to grab these resources you need to go outside and reach a place so that you can earn money.


No matter, online jobs have changed our needs a little bit. But do you think that you can get everything online without travelling and going out of your house?

That might not be possible.


But there is surely one thing which you can get online and that is the flat rate cab booked from Sherwood Park Cabs.


This blog post is going to be thoroughly interesting since we are going to know why hiring a taxi is far better than travelling by car.


You Do Not Need To Drive It On Your Own

When we are learning to drive a car for the first time, then it might seem like an interesting thing to us. But no sooner do we learn to drive it perfectly than the shadow of laziness covers up and we do not feel like driving. Does that happen with you either?


So when you are booking a car, then you do not need to drive it on your own, the driver will do the work for you.


Ride – Anytime and Anywhere

We never take the hour of the day or the night into consideration. What we consider is the convenience of our customers. So be it early morning or the light night hours we are always available at the services of our customers.

So anybody out there who is either stuck in some situation or is not feeling like driving, then please consult us.


We Carefully Watch For The Mishaps

We cannot guarantee that road accidents will happen or not. But yes, we can assure you that we will be paying attention to make sure that the mishaps do not take place.


No Parking Challenges

When you are driving a car on your own then you will have to pay the parking charges. Do you want to get rid of such hassles?

If yes, then do book a cab or taxi which will drop you at your location and will leave by then. So no extra itension, no extra charges.

Doesn’t that sound interesting?


Safety and security

One of our main reasons to go by your car is the guaranteed safety and security. But what if you get such promising safety and security by booking cabs and taxis?


Bottom Line

If you are the one who has found out the differences between booking a cab or driving your car as useful, then please let us know.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Travel! Travel! Travel!

This is one thing that is a part of our daily lives. Traveling from home to the workplace, for a meeting, for a party, or any other thing. Moreover, it is one of those things which you cannot compromise at any cost. We all know how tiresome it is to travel to your desired spot through public transportation and the delirious crowd is the most difficult part. But, you know what, you can get a sigh of relief through the metro cab service. It is way better than you expect it to be and you will get way more benefits than you wanted. The hassle of keeping up with the bus and train schedule will be gone. Let’s have a glimpse of some of the major reasons for choosing the Sherwood Park Taxi for the metro cab service for an enjoyable and safe ride.


Benefits of hiring the metro cab service

Benefit 1: Flexible schedule as per your need

If you want to go late or early, you can book the cab accordingly & it will be right there at your doorstep. This is what brings in more convenience and if you are traveling to another city you can catch the early morning or late night flight without any stress. Once you have booked the cab, you just wait & your cab will be there.


Benefit 2: Flat rate = Affordable service

flat rate cab is the best thing in the entire situation. When you hire a metered taxi, it is going to cost you way more than you expected as if you are stuck in the traffic, the meter will be going on. So, to save you expenses on this part, always choose the flat cab. This way, you won’t expect any sort of price hike once you reach the destination. The amount you will be told initially, the same you need to pay in the end.


Benefit 3: Professional chauffeurs = Exceptional service

The most important part of the entire ride is the chauffeurs because they are the ones on whom you are putting your trust to reach the destination. It means that you will be expecting the utmost professionalism, safety, and reliability. Their professional behavior and their verified background will guarantee you that you will get the best of service. Always choose the right people to drive you to a specified location.


Benefit 4: Affordable service

Affordability is there in every sense you talk about. With experienced metro cab taxi drivers, you will only and only get fair prices, no matter where you want to go. Their service is highly reasonable as compared to the metered taxi or another travel option. With the taxi service, you won’t expect any sort of dynamic changes in the fair.


Benefit 5: Time-saving option

With the experienced chauffeurs from the best taxi or metered cab service like Astro Taxi, you will be saving a lot of time. We know sometimes, there is a time crunch to reach the place which makes things even tougher for you.



So, now you know what are the major reasons to choose the metered taxi service. Get in touch with our team to book your taxi at the desired time and reach your place.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


Sometimes we have to reach somewhere but we don’t feel like driving. In that case, booking a flat rate cab or the Sherwood Park taxi serves as a boon for us.


It is also to be noted down here that if we count on the public transport, then we’ll contribute to the intensification of stress. One predominant benefit of hiring a bus or a cab is that you can summon them at your convenience. Can you get such benefits from public transport?

Of Course, Not!


Here in this blog post, we are going to tell you the reasons why should you opt up for Taxi service rather than counting on public transport:



  • Services are rendered by the professional drivers

As we all do accept that it is only the drivers who are known as the face of the cab service. The way with which they render the services and the personality which they reflect is responsible for either making or breaking the reputation of the company in the market. We at the Sherwood Park taxi hire not only reliable but experienced drivers. So when you book either cab or taxi from us, then be assured that you will be provided with the best quality services.


  • The availability will never be a concern for you

As far as the availability is concerned, you will never get disappointed as we always keep a quintessential number of cars reserved. In case, we run out of cabs, then we’ll ask you to wait for some time until we’ll arrange something but the answer will never be ‘NO!’.


  • Economical Services

When you’ll hire a taxi from us, then be assured of the prices. Our travelling range is super pocket friendly that you will not take a second thought before clicking on ‘Book Now’. Since we are highly acclaimed for providing flat rate cabs, you can choose to go on the long tours with us since you will be paying the fixed amount which is already determined irrespective of the distance you need to cover.


  • Safe Ride

Do not give space to any kinds of doubts and fear when you have considered us for travelling purposes. We do not hire the drivers until we get wholly assured of their credibility, reliability and licensing. Those who are recruited are strictly informed to make sure that they carry the permits all the time so that public safety can be assured.


Know it!

Our recruitment process begins with sorting. In it, the customers who are having any kind of criminal record are sorted.


  • You will obtain a thorough co-operation

When it comes to cooperation, then our drivers are highly cordial in their dealings. So it can be assured that you will not suffer from any kind of problem.


Bottom LIme

If after reading the above-mentioned points, you want to consider us for being our partner in the journey, then please do not delay for a second and immediately book a cab to make the easy availability ascertained.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Are you planning to visit your friend overseas? Do you have to attend a meeting in another city? Do you have to attend a wedding? Well! The occasion can be anything but traveling cannot be compromised at any cost. In case you are going to visit a new place alone, then it can be tough to know where you have to go or where you are going, right after landing at the airport. You must be thinking, ‘Why should I prefer the Sherwood Park Taxi service?’ Well! One thing which makes it pretty evident to understand about the ever-increasing demand of the taxi service can be judged through the stats that, $2.1bn is the size of a taxi service in Canada.

For a convenient and safe ride, Astro Taxi company will provide you exceptional service from the airport, no matter where you want to go. Bear in mind, it’s not just about traveling but the option you choose to travel in makes everything better. One such option is the Flat Rate Cab which ensures the customers they will pay the same amount no matter where they have to go. Along with these reasons, there are other points also which tell you that you should choose the airport taxi service and in general, for all your traveling needs.

Reasons to choose the airport taxi service

  • Experienced in the airport transfer

Indeed! It all comes down to experience as they are experts in this area, so they are well-versed in how to fulfill your travel needs. No matter where you choose to travel, relying on the taxi drivers will make you reach the desired place. Once you reach the airport, the chauffeurs will be all ready to help you. Professionalism and trust are the 2 factors that make them BEST.

  • Experienced and licensed chauffeurs

Putting your trust in the professional service means from all the factors the hassle will vanish. Initially, you will be taken to your place from the shortest route possible. The stress of getting stuck in a traffic jam and then traveling to a new place. When you have the vigilant drivers on your side, you can expect nothing but only the best. You want to be sure you are hiring a reliable taxi driver then ask for the license.

  • Helps you to explore different areas

When you are traveling to a new place, you would want to see the best areas or tourist spots. Choosing the taxi service company means experienced chauffeurs who know the entire way better than anyone. If you have a specific location in your mind you want to see then let them know and they will take you there.

  • Economical service

We all have been into the hassle of traveling through the metered cab and seeing that running even when stuck in the traffic. The airport taxi service will give you a sigh of relief from this situation. You won’t be having any problem as the flat rate cab will ensure that you only pay for the amount which is fixed and there is no hidden charge in the end.

So, now you know next time why you only choose the airport taxi service to travel to a specific area.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Have you heard the disastrous stories of the individuals facing trouble during their travel through a taxi? You know, ‘When does this situation arise?’ Well! This situation occurs when you hire a taxi agency without getting their detailed information or make the decision hastily. If you are on the lookout for the best Sherwood Park Taxi service, then Astro Taxi company is the best place to put your trust in. Moreover, we offer the service at the flat rate cab system.


With our agency, you can only expect the best of the best, and your journey will seem like a dream to you. You won’t even get to know when you reached your destination. The way our chauffeur interacted with you in the first place, or what they have told you, is the same you will get when you book your taxi to travel from one place to another. Many of the customers who are new to the place have faced problems booking the taxi or choosing a reliable taxi agency. Keeping that in mind, this blog is dedicated to those customers who frequently book the taxi. With the undermentioned tips, you can stay away from the situation which can call out for a scam.


Tips to avoid getting into a taxi scam

  • The licensed company, and licensed chauffeurs

License is the most important part to check when you are looking for a cab agency. If you find the agency working without any license, then you should not trust them. Don’t make a fool out of yourself and trust the company without checking the profile. You need to check their website thoroughly to make sure all the information is mentioned there and if you have any doubt in your mind then it’s better to look for someone else.


Astro taxi company and chauffeurs are licensed to ensure you get a quality ride because you deserve that.


  • Cross-check your driver status

What’s that one thing about the trip which you cannot compromise upon? Answer: Choose the driver. Indeed! You need to have a safe driver on the wheels and don’t even think twice to check their credibility. When you select the best driver to travel from one place to another it is going to take away all the stress.


Astro Taxi company drivers/chauffeurs profile is cross-checked and sent for police verification before we hire them.


  • Get all the possible information about the price

You need to get information about the price. It’s better that you choose a taxi company which offers a flat rate. The option of flat rate makes sure that you don’t have to pay anything extra as you will be charged only the desired amount told to you in the first place.


Astro taxi company offers service through the flat-rate system as it is aforementioned. Once you reach your destination, there won’t be any sort of hidden charges.


  • Returning policy for lost and found items

One of the common things which many of us do. It’s forgetting our stuff in the cab. Before you hire the taxi, make sure that you check whether they have a policy of returning missing items or not.


With Astro Taxi company you can expect to get back your lost item on your travel, only if you have left in our cab. Our reliable chauffeurs will return your back to you safely.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


While you look for a taxi driver, it is important that you carefully make the final call. With the professional cab drivers of the Sherwood Park Taxiyou will get the best of service. Moreover, they are the ones on whom you are putting your trust to travel from one place to another. If you do not choose a skilled driver, then don’t expect the best of service to reach your place. Therefore, you must be selecting the best taxi company where you can only expect trustworthy and quick service. Make sure that you also consider, they provide you with flat rate cab (prices are fixedservice and much more. So, when you are looking for a driver, here are a few things which you need to look for. Let’s talk you through that one by one.


Qualities of a professional and reliable taxi driver

  • Licensed

Having a licensed driver means that they have got that authority in the city to give you the best of service. Additionally, the licensed driver service will make sure that you are only getting the best service from their end.

In the first place, you can check all the possible information about them on their website. But, make sure that when you meet them you ask them about everything. Only when you have peace of mind then it will be easier to enjoy a safe ride. This way you can be sure that you will be reaching your destination on time.


  • Helpful and friendly service

Professionalism calls out for helpful and most effective service from their end. When you choose the best driver it means that you won’t have any sort of struggle even when you reach the place. The experienced chauffeur is going to help you at all costs.

Additionally, if you choose to visit an unknown land it is difficult to know exactly where you want to go. This is where having the chauffeurs by your side will ensure that you will get seamless service and reach your destination without any worry. So, it’s better to choose a driver with a clean history.


  • Well-versed with short-cuts

If you have a flight to catch and you are on a jam-packed schedule then the cab service will be the best of all. The chauffeurs will bring a breath of fresh air and there will not be any sort of stress. As the best taxi company is giving their services for many years which ensures that on their end you will be taken through the best route possible.


  • True to their words

You know, ‘What’s best about hiring an experienced chauffeur?’ Well! They will give you the service they have promised. Even if you have booked the cab in advance they will reach the place so that you don’t face any struggle.


Select the best taxi company in your area

If you do your homework and then make the final call, it will save you from a lot of trouble. In case you are looking for the best taxi company in Sherwood, then Astro Taxi is always there to give you hassle-free service. What are you waiting for? Call us on the given number 780 467 2222.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Have you ever pondered over the benefits of hiring a flat rate cab rather than buying a car? If we buy a car, then we have to endure so many costs like the following:

  • Maintenance or the service costs
  • Repairing costs
  • Paying parking charges the public places
  • Fuel expenses


But hiring a Sherwood park taxi helps you to preclude all these expenses. Also what more benefiting it could be that a professional driver is helping you to visit your place.


Now, I know that the readers have gone curious to know about the benefits of booking a cab. So shall we begin?


You need not drive 

As we have discussed earlier, one of the benefits of booking a can is that you need not drive on your own. A driver will be there who is both professional and licensed and will help you to reach your destination without any discomfort.


More helpful when you are drunk 

Nowhere in the world, ‘Drink and Drive’ is allowed. In case you have just gone to a pub or the bar and come out to be immensely drunk, then you are surely not in the condition to drive. And also you can’t call your relatives or your parents to pick them up for obvious reasons. So what’s left? It is the booking of the cab whose drivers will take you as his responsibility and will help you to reach your destination.


You can choose the vehicle as per your specification 

Once in a while, we do not only want to book a cab for ourselves. So many people are going with us. In those cases, we do need the flexibility to choose the car of our choice. No? With Sherwood Park Cab, you need not bother about such things since we offer this facility to our customers to choose their vehicles as per their choice.


Fixed Fare 

As we have already mentioned before, when you book a cab then you do not need to think about the expenses. The expenses will not fall heavy on your pocket and you will find it easy to pay them.


Quick Booking 

We know that the people who book us are either stuck in some kind of emergency or they are running late. So we make sure that we help them with the early pickup.


Comfortable, safe and secure journey 

No matter whichever car you have chosen for what number of people, you can always expect your journey to be extremely comfortable, safe and secure.

We have instructed our drivers to make sure that the passengers are facing no issue in reaching their destination.


Final Comments! 

Booking a cab is indeed better than buying a car. No extra expenses and No headache. Also within just a minimal amount, you get to reach your destination on time with utmost comfort, safety and security. Since the pandemic has not gone yet and the world gas is not declared as pandemic ree, we make sure that we do not take any leniency in following the covid safety measures.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


When we are travelling via a Sherwood Park Taxi or a Flat Rate Cab, then we consider so many things which can help us to make our journey with the driver as safe and secure. But the things which we consider are aimed at targeting the customer’s discomfort only. They have nothing to do with the comfort and the convenience of the driver. Don’t you think that it is selfish on our part to think about ourselves only?


So this blog can be thought of as a tribute to the driver:


Do Not Be Mean With Driver – Follow These Things


  1. Stop Instructing Him

When surveying the drivers, it was asked which thing of the passengers they hate the most. 97% of the drivers were of the view that when the passengers tell us how to drive and which route to choose, then it is the most frustrating thing they can encounter. If you tell a painter about how to paint, then it seems silly.


  1. Please Cooperate with him

Some passengers are mean and they have some different theories about behaviour with the driver. They are of the view, “SInce they have paid the driver, then until the destination is reached, the driver is his slave.”

If you think this way, then it is advised to change your perspective.


You both need something (The passenger needs to reach his destination and the driver needs money), and to fulfil your requirements, you both need to show cooperative behaviour towards each other.


Agreed or not?


  1. Do not force to break the law

I know we all have so much to do in minimal time that running late has become common with all. And you are not spared of such things. If you do not have time, then have patience. Because if you lose both of these things, you may or may not experience yourself in danger. No?


Our drivers have told us acquainted us with so many miserable and stubborn conditions which they have experienced with the drivers. One of such conditions is a customer forcing the driver to break the law.

If the riders are reading this post, then they are suggested to not force our driver to do such things.

  1. Do not Bargain at all

The taxis and cabs are not like Indian Auto Rickshaw whose owner allows you to do the bargaining. These belong to the professional agencies in which the price of the taxis and cabs is determined in advance.

Since the driver offers you so many facilities including comfortable seating, promising safety and security, to reach your destination then don’t you think that bargaining about the fare looks quite unfair on your part.

Final Comments!

The drivers are also professionals just like any other employee. He tends to do his duty with honesty and care in his heart for his passengers. So it is quite natural that we accept the riders to cooperate a little bit with the drivers.