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Flat rate taxi service: most preferred choice in 2021


Traveling from one place to another comes up with a lot of excitement and even nervousness, especially when you are new to the area. Even if you are traveling in your vehicle or with someone, you might use the GPS…But, What if the mobile network is not working or the phone gets switched off? Well! A problematic situation can occur at any time and there is a need to be prompt and careful in what you do or which choice you make. So, ‘What’s that one option which should be selected?’ Well! Trust the service given by the professionals and which has become the most preferred choice in Canada in 2021. Do you know what it is?

Flat-rate taxi service:

Let me tell you why people selected this option over public transportation or even not choose their vehicle to travel from one place to another.


Flat Rate Cab is getting attention in all ways and many people have not even thought about the same. The flat-rate service is like having a bonanza offer…How?

Flat-rate taxi service in Sherwood Park

Through flat-rate, it means that the price is fixed, irrespective of where you would like to travel. The price is FIXED. It means once you reach the destination there is not any sort of additional cost or extra price which you have to pay in the end. So, this way you are saving yourself a lot of money to use something for important reasons in the future. Trust the service of one of the leading service providers for the Sherwood Park Taxi so that the travel goes as smoothly and safely as you want it to be.

Safety and security in all ways

Through the professional and well-trained chauffeurs, you will experience the ride of your life. The leading taxi provider makes sure to hire only those taxi drivers who know how to drive and most importantly by following all the traffic rules. So, there will not be any stress when you choose to travel through the taxi service.

Travel anywhere and anytime

I know some must be thinking, ‘Can I trust the taxi service to drop me to the desired place at the last minute?’ YES! The leading taxi service providers have made sure to fulfill all sorts of emergency needs of the individuals and by making sure they reach the place on time. Opting for the taxi service is like having chocolate in both hands and you have to think which one to choose first, though both will fulfill your food cravings. Similarly, no matter for what purpose you choose the taxi service it will be worth every penny.

Trust the service given by the leading taxi service provider in Sherwood Park

In Sherwood Park, one of the known names which have achieved that reputation and trust among the travelers is Astro Taxi. Whether it’s an emergency, needing to visit a friend’s home, having to attend a meeting, or wanting to book a taxi in advance, with them everything to fulfill all the travel needs.

Cab Service Flat Rate taxi  Flat Ride Sherwood Taxi

How to travel in a taxi safely during omicron times?

Everybody among us would have thanked Godhen the second wave of COVID-19 was gone and the things again got normal. But this Uninvited guest is now finding different ways to bother us. Earlier it came on its own to enjoy the VIP treatment (the roads are cleared, shops are closed and the flights are terminated). But now it is sending its Siblings to trouble us.

One of such is: TRAVELLING


Everybody will now be doing work from home again. The offices will be allowed to have a limited number of people in their staff. So again the need for travelling will be called off. Taking the second aspect of this situation into account. If you are among those people who are allowed to practice in the offices, then you must come of the safety measures:

Keep a Hand Sanitizer and spray sanitiser with you

Now is the preventive time. The more precautions you will take, the more you remain safe. While travelling in a Taxi, spray all the handles with the sanitiser, then touch them. Use hand sanitiser frequently to not let the transmitted germs multiply and infect you.

Do Not Share Your Rides

Although Ride Sharing has been described as a measure to trigger cost-effectiveness, health comes before money. So to prevent Omicron do not share your rides with anyone.

Consider Paying Online

The cashless transaction being the non-touched payment method must be considered for paying the fare. Do not go to the ATMs or use credit cards, as both of these allow you to touch what others have touched.

GPay, Paytm and BHIM would be the best options.

Wanna book a flat rate cab?

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Do not sit on the front seat

Sitting on the front seat may make you a little bit more prone to transmit the virus as at that time you are sitting very close to the driver. Sit on the back seat. There lies your safety.


The droplets in the air may have viral particles in them. Save yourself from them by wearing a mask. Do not wear cotton Masks. Wear the N95 masks which do not allow even 1% of the particles to enter your mouth.

Last But Not the Least: Book an OMICRON Safe Taxi

Sherwood Park Taxi is following all the Omicron safe guidelines. Book it easily from the website. The booking is just a call and a click away. It’s a promise that your journey is going to be safe and secure.

Our taxi is sanitized twice a day and the drivers are way more aware of following the safety guidelines.

Wind Up!

Choose Flat rate Sherwood Park Cabs because your health and safety become our responsibilities when you are with us.

Book us without any hesitation and fear.