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Why and How: Arrive early at the airport to avoid missing your flight

Hey, Aren’t you getting the satisfying answer of how early should you reach an airport? If yes, then we are here for you to help you with the answers.

Did you know? 

More than 2.9 million people around the world travel through the airport every day. And out of that, about Thousands of the people miss their flights.

One of the probable reasons behind this is – ‘Arriving late to the airport’

This is the main reason that it is suggested that the individuals should visit the airport 2 to 3 hours before the boarding time.

In today’s blog, we are going to learn everything about arriving early at the airport. Are you ready, then?

Why arrive early? 

There is always a ‘CAUSE’ that leads to the ‘EFFECT’. No?

There is a reason behind why we are emhsaing you to visit the airport early.

Get yourself right

It is not that – ‘You reach the airport and immediately board the flights’. It can only happen in your dreams since the way to maintain security and safety in the airport is so tight that you cannot even imagine.

Things that make people run short of time

You recognize Domestic & International flights as similar

It is not like that. There is a huge difference in the security check-up in domestic airports and international airports. The way with which security is maintained is quite much tightened in international flights as compared to domestic flights. You will go through a passport and an immigration control which will take time. This is one of the reasons why you are told to arrive early.

The process can be even more prolonged 

It is not over yet. The process can get even more prolonged if your bag is getting checked.

Arriving early helps you to avoid unnecessary hassles. Just imagine that there comes out something wrong with your passport and the airport authorities are not letting you board the flat until you emerged out to be

Acquitted from the possibility of emerging guilty.

Flight Check-Ins, OMG! There’s a lot to do 

If you are planning to get your bag checked, then it requires you to be in a long queue.

Please Note: 

On busy days and when the weather is quite much inclement, then these lines can get even longer.

So how exactly can you reach the airport early? 

You can reach the airport by booking a Flat Ride Sherwood Park Taxi.

Book Airport Taxi Sherwood Park

Booking us ensures that you are reaching the airport on time:

By booking us, you get the guarantee that you will reach your destination on time. We always try to reach our customers before the said time.

We know the alternative routes in case traffic is encountered

Although Canada is the kind of country where you can never expect the routes to be full of traffic. But in case, they come out to be, then our drivers are trained enough to make you reach your journey on time.

Flat Rate taxi  Flat Ride

Book a Sherwood Park taxi for obtaining full-fledged services

Airport Taxi Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi

Astro Taxi is known as the customer service-based company for airport ride

Astro Taxi: Ultimate, Safe, and On-time Airport Taxi Service

Best ride of your life…Do you want anything more than that? Every customer wishes to have a seamless, safe, and best ride while choosing to travel from one place to another. With the Astro Taxi, you will be given the best service of the Flat Ride Sherwood Park Taxi & it will be much easier for you to reach the desired destination: Airport ride. You know what the intention towards the decision which is right, affordable, and upscale should be your preference in every sense. Our chauffeurs have gained trust over the years from the numerous clients to Book Airport Taxi Sherwood Park whether in advance or on an urgent basis.

Customer Service-Based Company

Indeed! We all want nothing but the best of customer service-based company which can be easily judged through the factors like:

  • Flat-rate cab and easy to travel the long-distance
  • Easy to book a cab
  • Quick service of booking
  • Get the taxi ride customized (Get it scheduled on the specified date & time, choose the taxi of your own choice)

Flat rate cabs – Preferred option & budget-friendly

With time, the way the taxi industry works and provides service to customers has changed a lot. The option of a Flat Ride Sherwood Park Taxi will ensure the prices are the same irrespective of the place or distance. Moreover, there will not be any hidden charges or extra charges which will come to you as a surprise. The facts have shown that when everything is well-managed the desired service will be exceptional in a way that you have not even thought about.

No stress of getting stuck in the traffic or getting late

Earlier, there was the stress of getting stuck in the traffic, and with that comes the problem of the meter getting rising slowly. No doubt, the consumer wants a relaxing ride all the way long and not at all disturbing in any sense. Whether you wish to take a phone call, or even want to have a snooze, you can do that by relaxing yourself in the back seat.

Service seen like never before

Whether you wish to get your cab booked for the ferry service, long ride, tour, or any other specific option, through the flat rate cab all that is possible. On the whole, the leading taxi provider in Sherwood Park focuses on quality which means expecting just the best in everything. By doing so, it will be easier on your part as there will not be any stress or discomfort.

Your wait will be worth it

Astro Taxi is a trusted brand not just for name sake but the customers have noticed the same through the service they have got. If you would like to be on that list of happy customers then feel free to reach out to us any time. Let us give you a memorable experience you never have even imagined in your life.

Airport Taxi Flat Ride Sherwood Taxi

Reach your destination on time, by cooperating with your taxi driver

If you are going to travel a longer distance, then it is always better that you travel by taxi or cab. If you are confused about whom to choose then you must, consider us by Calling @ (780) 467 2222

The main reason why you should choose us is our reputation in Sherwood Park and the flat rates which we offer.

Here are a few of the things which you need to consider if you need to reach a place early:

Pay The Driver With The Convenient Method

Did you know?

Most of the Taxi drivers in Sherwood Park hate being paid with credit cards. Want to know, why?


  • Charges by Card Companies

Most of the card companies do charge about 2.5 to 3.75% on every swipe. This way your driver loses money, which everybody does hate. No?


  • Manual Charges Are More

If for some reason your taxi driver finds it difficult to swipe the card, then he needs to manually enter your card number. And that costs him even more than usual swipe fees.

So it is suggested that you must pay your driver with cash.

Why Pay An After-Hours Surcharge?

Usually, all the taxi companies at Sherwood Park charge an after-hours surcharge. But there is no such thing with us. We are 24/7 available for you at the same prices.

Cabs Are Better Than Uber

Astonished. But such is the fact. So, the next time you are confused about whether you should be booking Uber or Cab, do not let your thoughts go here and there. Just catch them at a place and convince them to book a cab as it is the far better and cheaper option for you.

If Possible, Avoid Riding In The Traffic Hours

If possible, then consider avoiding travelling during these hours, as it is the time when the traffic is at the peak:

  • 7.30am to 9.00am – Morning
  • 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Evening

It will make you avoid reaching your destination. Also, our driver will get the time to attend to the customers in the queue. Otherwise, there are chances that he could suffer from the loss of 3 to 4 rides. I know you are sympathetic enough to not let the drivers suffer from the losses.

Ask For The Weekly And The Monthly Rates

Sometimes your job postings are done at places where you can only reach with the cab or the taxi. If you’re not willing to leave your family, then doing daily up and down is the only option left with you. But that would cost you more. No?

In that situation, it would be beneficial if you ask the taxi or the car driver about the weekly and monthly rates.

It will not only help you to cut on your daily costs but you will get yourself free from the hassle of booking the cab or taxi regularly.

Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service

Everything you need to know about the flat rate cabs in Sherwood Park

Flat Rate Cab Service in Sherwood Park- No Hidden Charges or Extra Charges

Next, you have to catch a flight, but you are worried about waiting outside the airport and waiting for a helping hand so that you can reach the desired place. Have you ever considered opting for the Sherwood Park TaxiIf not, then it is time that you prefer this means of transportation over any other option out there. Astro Taxi at Sherwood Park has all the best taxi options to suit your travel needs. Well! The most important part is the Flat Rate CabDo you know what it is? 

The flat rate cab service is ideal because you will be told about the exact price in the first place and once you reach the destination there is no surprise in terms of the taxi fare. In simple terms, ‘The rate will be the same irrespective of how far the distance is.’

Astro taxi flat rate cab is best in all ways

With our taxi service, you can expect to get the best service for different occasions. Here are some of the factors which point to the fact that we are the best:

  • Opt for the long-distance runs
  • Quick and easy booking
  • Customizable taxi service
  • Customer-service based business

Why choose a flat rate cab for airport travel?

If you are still looking for ‘WHY?’ then the given-below benefits will help you understand better about the same.

  • Quickly reach the destination

As we all know, airport travel can be hectic at times and especially when your flight gets delayed or you need to change more than 2 flights. Once you reach the destination you will want to choose a means of transportation that is quick as well as your wallet do not have to bear any stress.

  • Pre Book the taxi

Is there anything better that you get to book your taxi in advance? With the taxi service, you will be at ease as on the scheduled time and date, the chauffeurs will be there. Astro Taxi company aim from the start was to give the customers a seamless experience in all ways. Additionally, getting the service from a trustworthy brand will make everything much better. Moreover, you don’t have to wait in line.

  • Safety and comfort

If you are traveling or someone in your knowledge is traveling for the first time on their own, then you would want to choose the best means of transportation. In this scenario, choosing the taxi service of Astro Taxi is the ideal choice by all means. The professional chauffeurs understand their responsibility and the trust you put in them to reach the ‘XYZ’ destination.

Book your taxi today only

Let’s make life and travel much easier & convenient with Astro Taxi service. Whether you are looking for an airport taxi service, or any other taxi service, our experienced and reliable team of chauffeurs are here for you. If you have any query then please feel free to talk to our team.

Cab Service Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi

Which places in sherwood park are worth enjoying with our taxi service?

Canada is the most beautiful place that anyone can ever explore. Targeting Sherwood Park to unfold the beautiful tourist attractions is one of the best gifts that one can give to his eyes.

Note: If you want to utmostly enjoy these places, then you need to hire the flat rate cabs or Sherwood Park Taxi Service – Book Online

Or you can call us at -(780) 467 2222

We know, But! 

It has to accept that Sherwood Park is not as giant as the other cities in Canada, but do not get fooled by its dimensions. It is no doubt smaller, but it has so many tourist attractions that no other city is having. At these places, you can do some of the best things.

Best Tourist Attraction In The Sherwood Park 

Bowling Alley

975 Fir St, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4N6, Canada

Are you ready to have a new experience with bowling? You will be rejoiced by the 16 lanes of pin bowling that will give you the joy of spending the best time with your friends. The following things will help to make your visit to that region as fun & awesome as it can be:

  • Dark Bowling
  • Rock N Bowling
  • Sherwood Park TaxiBumper Bowling
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge

Greenland Garden Centre

23108 Hwy 16, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V2, Canada

This place is considered one of the best places for your eyes. Here you can not only feel energetic but refreshed also. The beautiful plants and the giftware gives the best feeling. Be it winters or summers, Greenland garden centres do always have something distinctive and refreshing to offer you.

The staff here is so adept in doing their job that each aspect of what they have carried out is worth applauding.

North Cooking Lake Natural Area:

Strathcona County, AB, Canada

If you need some ME-Time in the lap of nature, this calm & serene spot is definite to make you feel out of the world. You get filled with positive energy and can do the various tasks with full energy.


Do not forget to click the pictures of the natural habitats of the animals. You will learn something good by seeing those animals who have nothing to worry about. 

Strathcona Science Provincial Park:

Edmonton, Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1A6, Canada

It is located somewhere in the middle of Sherwood Park and Edmonton. You can enjoy yourself by doing all the following activities:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Brisk Walking

Your soul will start to shine when it hears the beautiful hummingbirds in the early morning hours. An internal bond with nature always provides the individual with ultimate calmness.

Broadmoor Public Golf Course:

2100 Oak St, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 0V9, Canada

One of the best things about opting up to visit the BP Golf course is that –

It is not going to pinch your pocket at all. Playing here is so economical that you will not hesitate to pay for your friends as well. I assure you if you visit here, then your experience is going to be memorable.


Cab Service Flat Ride Sherwood Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service

Experience ultimate customer service with a renowned taxi company in Sherwood Park

Are you looking for a transportation system? Have you ever considered getting the taxi service in Sherwood Park? If not, then it is time that you get it and make your ride in Sherwood Park the best with the most comfortable taxi service. Astro Taxi is one of the known names in Sherwood Park for giving unique and best experiences to clients. The chauffeur’s knowledge combined with the hospitable nature of our team is what makes them the preferred choice. Well! Talking about the reasons are endless and we are going to tell you about them in detail.

Reasons to choose the taxi service

Reason 1: Flat rate cab system

Have you ever heard about the flat rate cab? The term flat rate means the prices are fixed for every location no matter where you want to travel through the cab. It means that nothing will come out as a surprise to you and you are going to reach the location without hearing about any surprise for the cost. You can go through the flat rate page on our website to get a better understanding of the same. Indeed! The flat rate cab is the best choice in every way possible.

Reason 2: Responsible taxi drivers

Astro Taxi team in Sherwood Park is known for giving the most responsible and on-time taxi service. When we say you are in safe hands, we mean that. Every taxi driver in our company is giving their best to make sure you have the best service. Moreover, they show their responsibility by making sure the cab is squeaky clean.

Reason 3: Well-aware of the local surroundings

The taxi drivers are well-aware of the local surroundings. It means they know which path they have to take to help you reach the desired place & that too on time. As they give the service daily, they know which road is under construction and they won’t take that route. In every way possible, they will make sure to give you the on-time service.

Reason 4: Patience & professionalism

Both these factors are important and they will make sure that all your expectations are fulfilled in every way possible. Even if they are frustrated, tired, or upset about something, they won’t do that through their service. They are well-aware of how to make their professional & personal life separate from each other. They know their responsibility to make sure you get the best service in Sherwood Park from the Astro taxi.

Reason 5: On-time, every time

The best taxi chauffeur will make sure to never compromise on any aspect of their service. Be it for an emergency, airport, or any other scenario, they will make sure to give you the best of service in every way possible.

Make a wise choice & have the best ride

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable taxi ride in Sherwood Park, then Astro Taxi is the right place for you to experience that. Let’s experience together something even better in terms of traveling.

Cab Service Flat Ride Taxi Service

What are the topmost benefits of hiring a taxi service for your parents?

We all know transportation is an important part of your daily regime. To travel from one place to another you need to choose the right means of transportation. Especially, if you are looking for the best transportation service for your parents then your preference is to provide them with something comfortable and not hectic in any manner. Choosing the best transportation facilities is essential so that your parents do not get stressed. Have you considered the option of Sherwood Park Taxi service given by the Astro Taxi chauffeur? Indeed! The service given by them is effective in all ways. There are a lot of things which make the taxi service best in all ways like the option of a flat rate cabNot only that but there are other benefits of choosing the taxi service over others.

Benefits of choosing the taxi service

Benefit 1: Affordable and cheap service

As I have mentioned above, they provide you with a flat rate cab service. This means the factor of price is not something to worry about. Affordability is not just with the price but the stress of pick up and drop off will vanish with the taxi service. If your schedule is hectic all the time that you cannot take your parents to the desired place, then you should book a taxi service which is ideal in all ways. Additionally, other means of transportation are not ideal because of their old age and health issues. Make sure that you book them something comforting and best. Now always choose the flat rate system (prices are fixed) when you want to book a ride for your parents.

Benefit 2: Best of vehicles and get a luxury ride

You know it is important to choose something which is comforting and through which the entire space can be properly utilized. Astro taxi companies have the best option in terms of the vehicle to let your parents reach the desired destination on time. Understand that choosing the best company will guarantee you a clean and safe ride in all ways. So, always make sure that you do not compromise in any way.

Benefit 3: Professional and reliable chauffeur

Understand that the chauffeurs need to be reliable and professional in the way they give the service. Their understanding of the traffic pattern and city routes has to be strong. This way, it will be much easier for your parents to travel in the most comforting environment. As their children, it is your responsibility to consider everything so that they don’t have to deal with any sort of hassle or fear of getting lost. The chauffeurs from the reliable transportation company will make sure your parents have the best ride of their life.

Benefit 4: Time-saving option

You know what’s a more important time-saving option. If you know in advance that your parents have to go to a specific place at a particular time, then you should book their taxi in advance. Choosing the best taxi company will help you save your time and energy. On the set time and date they will be there to pick and drop your parents at the desired place.


Cab Service Sherwood Taxi

Which are the topmost child safety tips to consider while traveling?

Traveling means it is important that you have a relaxing experience and it should be done with ease. No doubt, traveling is a fun way to meet your loved ones and family & make different memories. But, things can seem to be a bit different when you are planning to travel with your child or someone is bringing their child along with them. If you are doing it for the first time, then it might seem tough on how you have to handle them. Let me give you one of the best suggestions to choose the best Sherwood Park Taxi like Astro Taxi. You know that choosing our experienced chauffeur will make your travel experience go extremely smooth and fast. From the flat rate cab to the number of taxi options, our team is there every bite to make your travel as comfortable as possible.

Initially, the first step is to choose the best means of transportation, and following that you have to bear in mind certain factors. WHAT??? Worry not! In this article, we will shed some light on the same so that you are at ease in making the ride with your child go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for child safety while traveling

Tip 1: Keep your senses all open while traveling

It is important to be alert all the time so that all things are better managed. You need to be careful about what has to be done beforehand because getting distracted during the vacation is easily possible. While you are exploring a new place, you need to hold your child’s hand. To not get distracted during your entire travel, it’s better that you use the guide map. Additionally, you should not give your child any sort of gadget as it is going to take away their attention. It’s better to make them get engaged with the places you are exploring.

Tip 2: Always get the food & water from a safe place 

While traveling, the risk of getting contaminated food or unclean water is higher. Even if your child’s immune system is strong but during travel they can easily become ill. The stomach issue is extremely common and it does increase the risk of dehydration. This is the reason, you must be careful about what you are haviWhich are the topmost child safety tips to consider while traveling?ng. The most important thing is to have your every meal from the hotel or restaurant instead of indulging in street food.

Tip 3: Be careful about the natural elements of danger

We all know risky situations or emergencies can occur at any time. For example, you are going to take your child to the amusement park and there is a high risk of railing drop-off or any other serious situation. You must discuss the dangerous situations and whom they need to approach. If you are going to a zoo or park, then make them understand not to go near the animal or try to hit something on them.

Apart from these things you have to make sure that they are wearing the right kind of clothing items all the time.

Have the best ride of your life with utmost safety

If you like to travel with your kids or anywhere else then Astro taxi is the right place to fulfill all your travel needs. Just tell us when you want to avail of the service and our chauffeur will be there for you on time.

Flat Ride Sherwood Taxi

How to make your pet travel in a taxi? How to make it a fun journey for him?

Are you a pet lover? Then you must have been finding it difficult to travel without it as you are supposed to miss him or her throughout the journey. You might be willing to take your pet on the journey. But when it is your car, then there are no worries. But! When you are making him travel in executive transportation like Sherwood Park Taxi, then you have to consider a few factors before making your pet ready to travel.

Note: To book a flat rate cab or taxi which allows your pet to travel wit you, you can

Call @ (780)-467-2222

Book Online

In this blog, we are going to tell you the various tips and tricks, with the help of which you can make your pet travel-friendly:

Get Him Friendly With The Short Travels 

If you are planning to go on a long journey with your pet, then make sure you are getting him friendly with the short travels in the first place.

Notice how he behaves. It will give you an idea of whether it will be suitable to take your pet on the journey.

Consider the following questions:

  • At what interval does he like to eat something?
  • Which things does he like the most to eat?
  • Is he finding it enjoyable to play with his toys or something?
  • Is he feeling ill like motion sickness?
  • At what intervals is he willing to pee or poop?
  • Is he creating a hindrance for you while driving?
  • Is he trying to become a good travel partner?
  • Is he getting adjusted to the congested boundaries?

What Next? 

After considering each of the above-mentioned credentials, you should visit your veterinarian and ask whether you should be taking your pet on the trip. If he gives you the answer in ‘YES’, then ask him or some of the tips to make the pet adjust at a new place and which medications to give him if he seems to be running out of health.

If you are planning to go on a long journey with your pet, then make sure you are getting him friendly with the short travels in the first place.Keep Him Entertained, But Safely 

Some pets start to feel restless in the way. You have to make sure that you keep him busy with the entertaining things. Along with that, it is also necessary for you to take care that your pet is not doing any harmless things.

I know, seeing your pet having his head out of the window is fun. But, do you think that it is safe?

It is not at all safe. Your pet could get hit by some of the flying objects or the cold air can make him suffer from serious ear problems and lung diseases.

Keep Him Controlled 

As you wear the seatbelt to make sure that you do not get hit on something when the brake is applied. The same safety measures are needed to be considered for your pet.

Also, it is suggested that you should never make your pet travel in the front seat. This way your pet can feel uncomfortable or may react in some weird manner and can obstruct you while driving the cab or taxi.