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Why hire astro taxi unit #777 for the family outing and the trips?

Many of us do think that the ‘ASTRO TAXI’ does provide services only for those who want to travel either alone or in pairs. But no, we do provide comprehensive services and as many as 6 members of your family can travel in a transportation unit. Isn’t that fun?

In case you have 12, then you can book 2 Flat Rate Cab Units.

If you were recently planning for a family outing but did not execute the same because of transportation concerns, then it is high time that you should replan your trip. And this time, consider booking a Sherwood Park Taxi.


Booking Options


Why Book Astro Taxi Unit #777?

Comfortable Rides

Because of the Strict Covid Guidelines, we do not prefer to make more than 6 people travel in the same vehicle simultaneously.

Those who are a bit convinced to book us, should not think about the comfort. For each traveller, we do have sufficient room to make sure that the journey does not seem too big to you.

Reasonable Prices

Our prices have always remained flat. This means that the prices are supposed to be uniform regardless of the total distance covered. For booking an Astro Taxi Unit #777, you will have to spend only $59.


Such is the reason why we keep on receiving quintessential booking traffic on our website.

On-Time Services 

Now the critics must have formed an impression – ‘That if the prices are less, then the services would be inferior.’

By thinking that, you have underrated our backend staff. We hold ourselves responsible to make sure that we offer quality services to our customers.

To get a little bit more idea about how good our services are, you can check the testimonial section of our website:

Safe Travelling 

No matter whether the way is short or long, our drivers always drive at a legible speed to avoid the chances of mishappenings.

You can expect to be in safe hands. Do not worry, You are our responsibility.

The Drivers are professionally trained

One of the biggest concerns of the customers is about the driver. They fear booking the taxi thinking if the drivers would be having the required documents or proof like a driving license or will the driver be having the required experience or training?

But to your dismay, we would like to present an assurance that our drivers are thoroughly trained by the professional staff who make sure that the driving and the soft skill training of the drivers never gets questioned.

We Have Much More To Offer!

If you want to book some unit other than #777, then you are free to make a choice. You can choose your kind of cab by having a glance at the following link:


Final Comments! 

You can submit the feedback of how was your travelling experience with us:

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood

Which are the topmost unknown things about the best taxi service?

Taxi service is one of the most trusted and preferred options by the individuals who want to go from one place to another by the safest option. You can choose to get the Sherwood Park Taxi service whether you have a business trip, airport trip, want to go to your friend’s house, or any other thing. No matter what is your requirement with the best taxi company like Astro Taxi you are going to be at ease. Additionally, this way the duration of the stay is going to be more at ease. Not just that, the service given by our company is based on the Flat Rate Cab which means you will have the most comfortable ride and without worrying about the payment. Once you reach the place, no extra expenses or additional costs you need to beat. The professional car service given by the chauffeurs is the major reason you need to choose the taxi service over anything. Moreover, many unsaid things are not properly known to many people. Let’s get started to understand these in a better way.

First thing: Extremely relaxing and no worries

Indeed! Indeed, you don’t have to worry about anything when you choose the taxi service over others. You will be at great ease and everything will be well-managed by the chauffeurs who are handling the wheel.

You simply need to relax in the back seat and they are going to take away all your stress of getting stuck in the traffic or where you need to park the car. The place you have told them where you want to go, they will take you there. The experienced team of chauffeurs always makes sure that you have the best service in all ways. If you want a break then they are going to help you with that.

Second Thing: not just a shuttle

Well! You don’t have to just think of it as a shuttle. Through the taxi service, you are going to be taken to the desired place through the best transportation. The chauffeurs are not just limited to trusting with airport service but you can even get the emergency service, travel at night safely, run errands, or do any other possible thing you want to do. So, if you have a business meeting to attend to, without thinking about anything, choose them.

Third thing: Trust them for wedding service

If you have a wedding to attend to, trusting the wedding transportation service might not do the best things. If your wedding is going to come but you are not sure about how to make your clients reach the place, then trust the service given by the chauffeurs. The service given by the chauffeurs is difficult to explain in words because they will always make sure that you reach the desired place on time.

Fourth Thing: Travel anywhere

You know what’s the best part is that they provide the pickup service from any location. It means no matter which is the location in Sherwood they will be there at your place.

Cab Service Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi

What are the major benefits of hiring chauffeurs for transportation services?

Key reasons to get airport taxi service

No doubt, many people out there love to travel, but it might seem tiring when you opt for the local transportation options. The stress which comes with it and the total time it takes will create a huge problem. Astro Taxi service has got the title of being the most trusted service as the Sherwood Park TaxiNo matter which destination you would want to go to, no matter what the weather is if you are traveling alone or somewhere urgent to go to. Choosing a reliable transportation service is what you need in the present, in 2022, and the coming future. With the Flat Rate Cabit will be much easier for you to bear the expenses as the cost of the taxi service is highly affordable when compared with public transportation.


Astro Taxi is readily available for all transportation service

  • Business trip
  • Special event
  • Airport
  • Emergency service
  • Vacation
  • Special occasion

Astro taxi chauffeurs are always there to make your travel much easier, effective, and safe by all means. So, make sure that you never make any rash decisions of driving on your own when you are getting late or there is an emergency. It’s better to trust the services of the chauffeurs as they will make you reach the desired place on time.

Reasons to choose taxi or cab service for transportation

You want to know about the benefits of taxi service, then here we are going to tell you about the same:

Reason 1: Reliability

The service given by the chauffeurs is reliable in all ways and you will rest assured when they come to pick you up. Additionally, all your stress is going to be taken away as it will help you reach the desired destination on time. The professionally trained drivers will always ensure the pickup and drop-off are done on time.

Reason 2: Safety in all ways

With the professional chauffeurs, you can expect safety in all ways as they make sure that you reach the place at the desired time. Moreover, they have enough skills and got years of training which ensures them to handle any sort of situation effectively. They know the smallest and fastest route possible which means your trip is going to go as smoothly as possible. With them driving the wheels you will be in the great assurance that the taxi service will be the best in all ways. Astro taxi drivers are only hired after undergoing background checks which means there will not be any sort of problem during travel.

Reason 3: On-time ‘Always’

The taxi drivers are punctual with their service. This way your money and time will be saved in all ways. The transportation service given by the chauffeurs will make sure that you don’t have to take the stress of finding the right parking spot and then park the car. No matter how many times you choose to get the taxi service you will expect nothing but convenience.

Reason 4: Transparency in every step and fixed fare

With the chauffeurs, you can expect transparency at every step of the service. Additionally, they make sure that you are given service by considering the fixed rate. The price you are told in the first place, the same you need to pay in the end.

Cab Service Taxi Service

Astro taxi: Giving the nonpareil and top-rated cab service in sherwood park

With the blessing of almighty everyone’s business is getting back on track after COVID. No doubt, even at this point taking the necessary precautions are important to better manage your health. As with time, the international borders are getting opened and people are putting their trust in the taxi service to reach the destination. For the past so many years, Astro Taxi has been one of the known names on the lookout for the best Sherwood Park Taxi service.

Loyal and happy customer base

The name and fame the Astro taxi company has got is not just an overnight task. It took years for our team to reach this far. 365 days a year, we make sure to fulfill all your needs of the taxi service. Moreover, the positive feedback we have got from our happy and loyal base of customers is the major factor that we get inspired to do better each day. Moreover, we learn from our mistakes and valuable feedback shared by the customers.

Reliable and affordable taxi service

Let’s talk about affordable taxi service: It means the Flat Rate Cab service. By flat rate, it means that no matter where you want to travel the price of the cab is fixed. Once you reach the desired place there is not any sort of a surprise in terms of extra expenses or additional cost. The price you have been told about in the first place, the same you need to pay in the end.

Now! Talking about reliability, our taxi company offers you the best of everything. Moreover, there is a diverse range of options given by our chauffeur which is the reason customers are benefited to a great extent. For many customers, it is like a delight to get the taxi service because of how convenient and best it is.

Book your cab any time

Be it day, afternoon, evening, or night, you can put your trust in the taxi service to travel to the desired place. The approach and service method used by our team is the key factor that the customers put trust in our chauffeurs to travel from one place to another.

The taxi service should come with a delight and that is what we make sure to do every time you book our taxi service.

Emergency taxi service

An emergency is something that can occur at any time and on any day. We make sure that a trust factor is built with each of our customers because only this you will get to deal with the situation, and we can fulfill the duties we are bound to do. Just compare it with the real-life situation, only when the 4 wheels of the car are working properly can you reach the desired destination. In the same manner, we make sure once you have reached out to our chauffeur, you get the best of service in all ways. If you would like to know in detail about our service, then get in touch with our team and schedule the taxi on the set date & time.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood

Which situations do you use to book a flat rate cab or taxi online?

There arise so many situations in our daily lives where we do need to hire the flat rate cab or even the normal taxi. You may be unaware of the advantages of hiring a taxi. So this is why we have brought today’s blog in which you will be given the thorough knowledge of which conditions demand you to hire the Sherwood Park Taxi.

Are you willing to know?

Then without wasting much time, let’s move onto our next blog:

When you have gotten out drunk from the club

No matter whether you drink occasionally or regularly, you can’t get rid of the sedation. And driving while under the effect of some kind of sedation is completely prohibited. So in that case, you can not spend your whole night sitting at the staircase of the pub or club and what if none of your members fails and the close friends pick your call up.

Then only a tax or the cab would prove to be your best friend. No?

When you are heavily depressed 

I agree that there is no such law that prohibits you to drive when you are depressed but you will be shocked to hear that about 60 to 70% of the accidents that take place on the roads happen just because the drivers were driving the car being depressed.

When you have to take someone to the hospital 

I pray that God does not put you in the following situation. But what if the following thing happens:

You and some members of your family are present in your home. And suddenly, that member started suffering from some kind of illness that needed to be immediately treated. For that, you are required to reach the hospital. But you can’t drive since you have to make sure that the patient does not feel alone. In that situation, you must not forget to call the Sherwood Park Taxi.

flat rate cab When you are not in the mood of driving 

I know that sometimes nothing happens but owing to laziness, you are not willing to drive. Then, in that case, hiring the Sherwood park taxi comes out to be your best buddy.

When you are heavily dressed 

When you are heavily dressed and have thought that it would be difficult for you to drive the car and handle the brakes or gears, then it’s better not to take any kind of risk and take the assistance of some cab agency.

When you are injured 

God forbid, but what if some unfortunate incident happens to you, then, in that case, you are not able to concentrate on the way owing to the discomfort or the pain caused by the injury. Then what does that situation require you to do?

Yes, you heard it right – Hiring a Sherwood Park Taxi

Airport Taxi Cab Service Flat Rate taxi 


Do you want to book a cab in Sherwood Park? No worries! You have come to the right. Whether you are new to the place or you have come here just to spend a few days with your friends. Everyone is busy and no one wants to be a burden on others. This is where you can put your trust in the well-known Sherwood Park Taxi service: Astro Taxi for the best service beyond words. Even if you have never booked the cab as your brother, sister, or other family member used to do it for you. Astro Taxi cab booking service is simply the best and easy to do so. Moreover, with our service, you can expect a flat rate cab which we are going to discuss in the further section. Let’s get started.


Call us at 780 467 2222

A cab is the most ideal way to travel to different places. No matter, whether you are a tourist or a local, the cab service is available 24*7 and with the on-time drop and pickup service, you can expect to reach the place on time.

With Astro taxi, you can reach the desired place in the most comfortable & spacious manner. You just have to sit back & relax in the back seat without worrying about anything. Call us on the given Phone No: 780 467 2222 and get all the desired information on how you need to book the cab or any sort of detail you would like to have. Astro Taxi Team ‘Where you will need the cab we will send it to you.


Book a cab

We are here to make it easy for you to book a cab. No stress, hassle, or doing things in a hurry. With our taxi company, you will get the leverage to book the taxi in advance so that there are not any sort of last-minute delays. If you have to catch a flight after 2 weeks, it’s better to get it booked in advance. Just make sure to mention all the right details from your end and our trained chauffeurs will be there at your place at the set time. Mention the booking date and booking time. Without wasting any more second book a cab.


Emergency service

Sometimes we try to plan everything but it’s life and an emergency can occur at any time. Simply give us a call on Phone No: 780 467 2222 and let us know the location where you want us to be there for you.


Ask around in Sherwood Park

Being new to the place it is difficult to trust anyone. But with time when you start talking to people and sharing your hardships & talking to each other, you will form a bond with a few people. Those few people are the ones who will let you know where to book the cab. Astro Taxi is one of the known names in Sherwood Park trusted by thousands of customers for the cab service.


Get an estimate

Before You travel, we are giving you the benefit to get an estimate about the taxi fare. Just choose the location where you want to travel to know about the taxi fare.

Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


If you have your means of transportation, then you might prefer to drive on your own. But, at times your car might not work or somebody else in your family has taken it for their work. Moreover, when your health does not allow you to drive you should never drive on your own. The risky proportion needs to be kept in mind and it is better to consider other options. But, ‘What?’ In such a case you need to choose the service given by the best company of Sherwood Park TaxiAstro Taxi.


There is not just one benefit you can get with it as the entire experience is different and way better than you imagined. The Astro taxi provides the Flat Rate Cab which allows you to pay the desired amount no matter where you want to travel, with no extra expenses when you reach the destination.


Reasons to prefer can service over other transportation

  • On-time service by the chauffeur

If you have to board a flight and you think of traveling by bus, your car, or other transportation system then it will be extremely tiresome. There are high chances that you miss the bus or go to the next stop which is a waste of time. They have their fixed schedule and it is difficult to match yours with them. This is the reason, choosing the taxi ride is the ideal choice.

With cab service, you can expect everything to be on-time and they will come to your place when you have asked them.

  • Safe and secure

The cab service is safe and secure and with them, it is easier to reach the desired place on time. The Astro Taxi chauffeur are extremely versatile with their work approach which allows you to have the best ride of your life. Our reliable and skilled chauffeur is just one phone call away from you to give the best service of your life.

  • Aware of all the local routes

The professionals are well-aware of the local routes in the entire city. This means, if you are in a time crunch they will take you through the shortest route and you will reach the desired place on time.

The Astro Taxi chauffeurs make sure that you reach your place on time with the fastest route possible.

  • Expect affordability every time

Affordable is a big concern while traveling through other means of transportation. When you choose the cab service, it will be extremely affordable in your pocket. As we have mentioned above, the prices are fixed which allows you to get the service under the desired price and once you reach the destination there will not be any problem.


Get your taxi booked in advance

You know what our taxi service company is here to make your life affordable and it’s even better when you choose to get your cab booked in advance so that there is not any sort of hassle. If you have any doubt, get in touch with our team for detailed information.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


Nowadays people find air rides as one of the sophisticated rides whether it is for business, family-get-together or some kind of vacation. Travelling through the air is one of the things about which people remain more excited. But all of their excitement is dashed once they visit the crowded airports at which they find the intensive security measures and those long queues as most bothersome.


There might be some things which you may find unlikable as far as your flying experience is concerned, but reaching the airport should not have anything which proves to be unlikable. Do you agree with that?

If you want your car-riding experience to go well, then you are advised to book a Sherwood Park Taxi.


Advantages of booking a taxi for your airport rides 


Fixed or Uniform Rate 

We do have the availability for you to book a flat rate cab. I know, when it is about the airport taxi travel, then you want to be relaxed by not bothering to think about anything. And thus you do not want to drive on your own. So if this is the case with you as well, then booking a flat rate cab whose driver will be cordial with you is the best thing anyone can do.


The Advantage of Time management

When you are hiring the services of a professional taxi driver, then you are counting on the services of the driver that has excellent time management skills.


You will get help with the luggage 

I know, when it is about riding to the airport, then you will be having so much luggage with you. And to get it on and off the car will not be a thing for you. When you book us, then you will get the most relaxing experience.


You will be assured of safety and security 

When you book us, then you can get assured of the safety and the security. The driver which you are hiring will promise not to disappoint you in providing the ultimate safety and security.


Your journey will become memorable 

Booking us will help you to make your journey highly memorable. If you have ever experienced booking other taxi services and then ours, you are sure to notice the difference between the two.


Early Pickup and drop facility 

When we are talking about the airport riding service, then one of the predominant things which people consider a great facility is the early pickup and drop facility.

The time at which you have to reach the airport will be considered a deadline and you will reach the end of the day with hope.


Final Comments! 

The above-mentioned points are the ones that are considered by every airport rider to make sure that his airport riding experience should not be hindered by anything.


If you are the one who is lethargic to find all these facilities from a number of the agencies, then you are requested to choose us only, since we promise you with all those facilities which you need in the taxi or the cab service.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


According to the Sherwood Park Taxi drivers, “We feel so much happy when the passengers whom we have dropped to the said location recognizes our services by giving us a tip.”


But some people do not know about which factors to take into account when the tip is to be given to the drivers. Are you also one of those?


Flat Rate + Tip = Makes the Taxi Driver happy 

It is advised to all the customers that are hiring the flat rate cabs, that apart from the cost to pay for travelling a distance, some tip is also to be given to make the driver feel happy.


Tips For Paying Tips To The Taxi Drivers 


If they deserve, do not back out in paying for the tip 

If you have gotten all the facilities which you have expected from the taxi ride, then do not merely pay the cost to travel the distance. Leave some tips to the driver who has made your travelling experience as most happening.


Do not pay less than 10% of the tip 

First of all, it is advised to all the customers not to make tipping a thing that the driver takes on his self-respect or worth. If you want to tip the driver, then it should be 10% of the amount you have to pay for the driver. Do not pay less than that. If you think 10% is the bigger amount, then do not pay at all.


Tip for helping out with the luggage 

Although helping with your luggage is not the responsibility of the driver. But if owing to the good ethics he has helped you out with, then you also have to show some good faith or something in return. For that, you have to pay some extra amount in the form of a tip that reflects how gratified you are for the driver.


Asking for spare change does not look great 

If you have thought to tip the driver, then make sure you are paying the whole dollar, do not ask for the change. It does not look ethically good.


Do not say, “Keep the change” Else say it politely 

You are advised never to say ‘Keep the change’. It sounds like you are establishing your superiority over the driver.

Also, the words are not offensive if you are saying them in a good tone. Instead, if you have chosen the rude way, then the ‘Happy Birthday’ wish will also sound bad.


Appreciate the efforts of the drivers 

Tipping should not be considered the only way to appreciate the drivers. Sometimes, the wording with which you appreciate the drivers’ matters a lot. So along with tipping, just use some good wording, so that they could make the day of the driver.


Final Comments! 

But if the good drivers are left with tips, what to do with the ones with whom our experience has been bad. First of all, we promise that with Sherwood Park Cabs, your travelling experience will never be bad. If you are booking some other taxi and the driver is rude, then in the first place, pay him with the quoted amount and then tell him that he should not be rude to you.