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According to the Sherwood Park Taxi drivers, “We feel so much happy when the passengers whom we have dropped to the said location recognizes our services by giving us a tip.”


But some people do not know about which factors to take into account when the tip is to be given to the drivers. Are you also one of those?


Flat Rate + Tip = Makes the Taxi Driver happy 

It is advised to all the customers that are hiring the flat rate cabs, that apart from the cost to pay for travelling a distance, some tip is also to be given to make the driver feel happy.


Tips For Paying Tips To The Taxi Drivers 


If they deserve, do not back out in paying for the tip 

If you have gotten all the facilities which you have expected from the taxi ride, then do not merely pay the cost to travel the distance. Leave some tips to the driver who has made your travelling experience as most happening.


Do not pay less than 10% of the tip 

First of all, it is advised to all the customers not to make tipping a thing that the driver takes on his self-respect or worth. If you want to tip the driver, then it should be 10% of the amount you have to pay for the driver. Do not pay less than that. If you think 10% is the bigger amount, then do not pay at all.


Tip for helping out with the luggage 

Although helping with your luggage is not the responsibility of the driver. But if owing to the good ethics he has helped you out with, then you also have to show some good faith or something in return. For that, you have to pay some extra amount in the form of a tip that reflects how gratified you are for the driver.


Asking for spare change does not look great 

If you have thought to tip the driver, then make sure you are paying the whole dollar, do not ask for the change. It does not look ethically good.


Do not say, “Keep the change” Else say it politely 

You are advised never to say ‘Keep the change’. It sounds like you are establishing your superiority over the driver.

Also, the words are not offensive if you are saying them in a good tone. Instead, if you have chosen the rude way, then the ‘Happy Birthday’ wish will also sound bad.


Appreciate the efforts of the drivers 

Tipping should not be considered the only way to appreciate the drivers. Sometimes, the wording with which you appreciate the drivers’ matters a lot. So along with tipping, just use some good wording, so that they could make the day of the driver.


Final Comments! 

But if the good drivers are left with tips, what to do with the ones with whom our experience has been bad. First of all, we promise that with Sherwood Park Cabs, your travelling experience will never be bad. If you are booking some other taxi and the driver is rude, then in the first place, pay him with the quoted amount and then tell him that he should not be rude to you.

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