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Be it for a flat rate cab or the Sherwood park taxi, you are going to like our travelling services. We will provide you with each possible facility you can ask for. So are you interested to know about which features you’re gonna find as the benefits:


Punctual drivers

Well, there are many qualities of our drivers. But the one which you desperately want to experience in the drivers is the punctuality. You only need to make us know that you require our services (either with the phone call or the online booking), our drivers will take no time to reach you.


Apart from that, our drivers are committed to making your travel a highly safe one.


You will not feel ashamed to take us on the sumptuous visit

What if suddenly your car demands repair and is refusing to take you to the party venue? You will not be willing to miss the lavish get-together. But then you may have double thoughts about whether you should be hiring a taxi or a cab or not as you do not want to feel ashamed of stepping out from the taxi wearing the astonishingly luxurious gown or suit.

Well! Our taxi drivers always keep the taxis and the cab in a well-present condition. So whether it is the journey to the airport terminal or it is a lavish visit, you need not worry about your standards.


Premium Security

No matter how posh the particular area. But attacks like robbery and vandalism are sure to be encountered. For that, we have left no measure unchecked which is responsible for contributing to providing the premium level of security.


Wide range to select from

As we have told that you will not feel ashamed to take us to the grand celebrations, coz we offer you the wide range of cars like the following:

  • SUVs
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Limousines


Fair Prices

The thought might pop up in your mind that if we are offering so many services, then we must be charging considerably high. But! But! But! Gone are the days, when high-quality things were being offered at sky-touching prices.

Now is the time of expecting great quality at fair prices.


Comfortable ride

The ride cannot be considered comfortable unless the seating is good. With our taxi services, you can surely expect to get premium quality seating.


Timely Pick-Up and Drop Facility

Respective of the traffic constraints, we promise you that you will never experience a delay in the Pick-Up and the Dropping facility.


Customer Reviews

Ringing Astro Taxi Drivers eventually comes out to be worth it when you have ended up with your travel journey. Fair prices, Great Seating, Early Pick-Up, On-Time Dropping and most importantly the punctual and handsome driver is what more you can ask from them.

From my side, it was a 5-star service. Keep going Dudes!


Final Comments!

Want to know more about us? Then go and take a tour of our website.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


While planning to hire a taxi you must make a careful choice by considering all the important factors. When you consider every small detail about hiring a taxi to travel from one place to another it will make sure that your entire journey goes smoothly. Most importantly it is about having peace when you travel and safety should be top-notch. For say, the option of flat rate cab is the best choice as the prices are fixed. If you are considering choosing the taxi service then you don’t have to go any further because Sherwood Park Taxi is here to give you the service which is even better than you have thought of. Let’s talk you through the points which you have to consider while getting the most benefit of the taxi service.

Best & hassle-free airport taxi service

We all know the hassle of reaching the airport on time. At times, we have prepared everything but at the last moment, a situation arises that we have to either call someone to take us to the airport or find a reliable taxi service. But, doing this will take a lot of time & it will be another kind of stress. So, to save yourself from this situation you should get the service of the best airport taxi service. We know your concern is, ‘How is the airport taxi service of Sherwood Park different from others?’

  • If you don’t want yourself to get stuck in the airport then getting your taxi book ahead of time is the best possible choice you can make.
  • You simply have to tell us the time when you or our chauffeur should pick you up from your place. We always suggest our clients plan ahead of time so that your travel from your place to the airport goes smoothly.
So, what does that mean? 
Hiring our chauffeurs will take out the stress and your travel plans will be way better than you expected them to be. 


Following the highest taxi service standards

Indeed! What’s the point of traveling when you want to get the highest satisfaction in terms of travel service? There are many registered drivers but what’s the surety that you will end up getting a reliable driver. You have to go with the taxi company who can assure you to make you reach your destination on time. Our customer rating and our team of experienced chauffeurs are the perfect examples for the same. At Sherwood Park Taxi we make sure to offer you the taxi service in terms of the highest standards.


Convenient booking and the best rate

First of all, as we have mentioned above, we follow the system of the flat-rate cab. In addition, our convenient online booking system or you can even call us to get it booked & get further details. So, to make your travel go in a way you haven’t expected, Sherwood Park is the right place for you.


Let us know when you would like to enjoy the best travel service of your life!

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


What does a flat rate cab mean?

flat-rate cab is a kind of taxi or cab service that makes the passenger reach the destination by paying the uniform amount irrespective of the distance covered. If this thing has a plus point then it has a drawback as well. If you travel the shortest distance, you will still have to pay the standard amount. In that case, don’t you think that hiring a metered taxi will be the best? To get you out of the confusion, we have decided to publish today’s blog which will tell you why you should prefer the sherwood park taxi (flat rate cab service provider) over the metered taxis or vice versa.



Metered fares, as from the name itself we guess that the cost of the travelling is being charged based on the proper distance travelled. This is particularly advantageous to travellers who like to travel short distances.



In case, you have to travel to the airport from your residence with minimal luggage, then hiring a metered taxi is best.


Undoubtedly the metred rate cabs are exactly similar to the taxis, but as far as the availability is concerned, the metred rate cabs are found to be having the greater availability.


You should know!

No matter whether you are hiring the metered taxi or the flat rate cab, you can expect both of them to be waiting at your doorstep.



One of the great benefits of the flat rate cab is the flat rate itself. No matter how far you want to go, you will never be worried about the costs.

Besides, if we compare flat rate cabs with the metered taxis, then we come across one more benefit according to which:

No matter how long the traffic jam or do you have to stay on the signal to get those lights green, you will never be charged any extra cost.


You can enjoy your journey comfortably. Your BP levels will not correspond to the rising fares, which usually happens in the metered taxis.


Which services do we offer?

We offer our customers the benefits of the following services:

  • Airport transfer
  • Whole day transfer
  • Charter transfer
  • One way transfer
  • Bulky items transfer
  • Pets transfer
  • Wheelchair transfer



If you consider us (Sherwood Park cabs) for taking up the services, then we assure you that you will enjoy the journey with safety and all the following enlisted benefits:


  • Great luggage space

If you are the one who takes a lot of luggage even while travelling for a short distance, then we offer you to be your first choice to be considered an ideal cab which will make you reach your destination in no time.


  • Hourly services

The tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of our country, when they count on us, we make sure to provide them with a fair package.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


What is your choice of therapy to relax? Mine is Travelling! Indeed life should be about ‘Work, Travel, Save, and Repeat’. If traveling and adventure fill your soul, then don’t you think choosing reliable transportation will make everything much easier to enjoy. Living your best life and having fun with a group gets even better when you have opted for the right kind of transportation. In most cases, it is seen that people have difficulty choosing between the van and minibus.

At Sherwood park taxi, we always make sure that the clients get the best travel service which means comfort and safety at every step. Our flat rate cab is the most trusted option in Sherwood park by several clients and many of them have been getting our service since we started.

In this blog, we have highlighted why you choose a minibus as compared to the van.


Choose minibus over the van for traveling

Reason 1: Allows to fit in more people

No doubt, both van, and minus are different in size. Is pretty evident that vans are restricted in size as compared to the minibus. In a van, only 12 to 15 passengers can fit. But, when we talk about the minibus then it can accommodate around 35 people at once. So, if you are traveling in a larger group then you should prefer the minibus.


Reason 2: Have more storage space

Now! When we are traveling and that too with a large group, it is important to have enough space to keep stuff for everyone. With a minibus, all the stuff can be fitted easily and many of the items can be kept under the seat.


Reason 3: Safety to the highest level

While traveling safety cannot be compromised in any sense. The steel cage construction and dual rear wheels are important features that increase safety. The dual rear features are going to reduce the chances of rolling over and also protect the passengers from getting any type of injury.


Reason 4: Comfort at its best

Traveling is made for fun and happiness. If your ride is not comfortable, then there is no way that you are going to enjoy it. The minibuses’ bucket seats are comfortable and they are fitted in the right manner. There is proper headroom and center aisles have enough space that you can move easily when it is moving.


Reason 5: Easy to access for older people

With the minibuses, the passengers can access the vehicle easily. It is easier for them to board as the first step of the minus is around 11.5 inches. In addition, there are proper handles and it will be easier for the older & disabled people to board the vehicle.


Reason 6: Experienced Driver

At Sherwood park taxi we have experienced and trained drivers who will make sure that throughout the entire ride you do not face any problem. Additionally, all of our chauffeurs are properly trained and they will not do anything which affects your ride.


Do you want to travel in style with the utmost comfort and safety? Our taxi service has got everything covered for you. Reach out to our team to know more.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Are you new to Sherwood park? First of all, Welcome!

No doubt, choosing this part of Canada is safe for you & your family. You have settled in completely. But, now you are concerned, ‘What means of transport should I use for traveling?’ For safe and on-time travel service, booking yourself a Flat Rate Cab is the best choice. Even if you are good at driving, there are certain instances where you need somebody to help you reach a specific place. This is where putting your trust in the Sherwood Park Taxi will give you the ultimate benefit. In this article, we have mentioned the reasons through which you can book a cab.


Reason 1: COVID scenario

Amid the COVID wave, we all know we can’t make a single change to be negligent. Especially, when we all know the virus is extremely fatal and someone with low immunity can get affected. In such uncertain times, you must be safe and if you have the elderly around you then you need to be extra careful.

In addition, if you have to deliver some kind of stuff to the elderly then trusting the cab service is best. We sanitize before and after with every tip.


Reason 2: Extremely cold weather

Cold weather can make you lazy and as the body temperature drops, the blood circulation will get less. No doubt, it is extremely difficult to drive with freezing hands.

What’s the worry when Sherwood Taxi Service is there for you. We will drop you at your place and this way you will keep your mind at ease.


Reason 3: After a stressful day

So, you have an extremely stressful day and traveling through public transport means more time-consuming and putting extra stress on the body. In this case, make sure that you get yourself a cab. What’s better than getting a cab when you can reach your home on time & relax.


Reason 4: Going for an exam or interview

Now, in both situations, there is no way that you can reach late. Your mind is already going through a lot of things and you are extremely stressed. The fear & anxiety of what will happen will not allow you to focus on driving. This way the cab service will prove beneficial for you. Let us help you make you reach your place without any delay.


Reason 5: Your mental energy is drained

Getting stuck in traffic is a nightmare! Booking yourself a cab means you can give your mind some rest and this way you will be more active to do work the next day. When you always have the option to book a cab, then why stress yourself again & again.


Reason 6: Car is not safe for driving

If you notice any problem with your car, then driving it means putting in more stress. If you are tired of keeping up the car maintenance then why not choose a cab service. At Sherwood park taxi, we make sure to properly service every car, so that when you book our taxi, you don’t have to stress yourself about anything.


Book yourself a safe and comfortable cab

The list of reasons can go on and on. If you are thinking of booking a cab, then you can put your trust in Sherwood Park Taxi for the best service!

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


All about tipping

In today’s blog, we shall learn about tipping. In the US, tipping shows that you have liked the particularly rendered service. No matter whether you are hiring a flat rate cab provided by Sherwood park taxi or any other cab, you need to recognize the services of the driver. It is kinda basic courtesy.


Keep it clear

The tipping practices and amounts are ordained by the law or any kind of private business.


A tip is much more than the money

A tip should not be considered merely money. It is a lot more than the money. It does not only mean that you are giving extra money to the service provider. It surely helps you to build good relations with the driver. Not only that but it can also be considered as the way to make the day of the driver and he may feel special and thus want to provide more 100% in his services.


The rule of the tipping

This is the question which is asked by many: “How much should one pay as a tip?”

The tip should be 10% of the actual amount. If the driver has contributed to saving you from adverse situations, then you may yourself can increase the tipping accordingly.


The tipping is not mandatory

Some people think that tipping is mandatory, but it is not. The customer may only feel like giving the additional money to the driver if he has been thoroughly satisfied with the services.


A way to recognize the services

As we have mentioned earlier, tipping is the way with which we can recognize the services of the driver. For example: If you have requested the driver to make you somehow reach the office on time and successfully did that. Then as a token of love or appreciation, you can provide him with a tip.


A tip represents how humble you are

As five fingers are not equal, the nature of the people is not the same. Some know the importance of appreciating the services while others do not. So the cab drivers should not expect to get tipped by each one of the passengers.


A tip is not always money

The tip should not only be money. Apart from that if you have something extra, then you can also use that to make the driver glad.

For example One of our happy passengers hired us. He had to reach the Mcdonald for a party. Once the party was over, he again hired us and the same driver who made his way there went to drop him back home. Once he got out of the cab, he did not have enough money to tip the driver. He had 4 boxes of pizza. He gave one of them to the driver and said “Enjoy your day, Young man!”

This gesture of his just took the driver’s heart away.


After reading all the above-mentioned points, we can happily say that tipping is much more than money.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


As we all know, nowadays people are considering hiring a flat rate cab, rather than driving the car on their own. There are so many benefits of hiring a Sherwood park taxi, which is as follow:


Fast and Reliable

The taxi services are emerging out to be so dependable that people are not feeling any need to purchase their own car. These cabs or taxis are just a call or a click away (based on how you choose to book them).


It Fits Your Pocket

Hiring a cab or taxi does not fall heavy on your pocket. The cost of hiring a cab or taxi is quintessentially economical. These are a bit more of what you pay for travelling on a bus or the train, but the little bit extra is worth it as you are not going to get the same level of comfort in these types of public transport.


Always Available At Your Service

Hiring cabs or the taxi services are the much sought options in the times of the emergencies as people know no matter what the time is, the taxi service will always and always be available.


Instant Pick Up And The Quick Stop Facility

You have to accept the fact that your driving skill can not match those of the professionals. No matter which time of the day and the night you have called them, they will always and always be available at your service. The cab driver is never late in reaching either the pickup location or the dropping destination.



If you are an introvert and want peace or calmness when you are travelling, then you must go hiring a taxi or a cab.


The Safest Way To Reach The Destination

As said earlier that you can not win over the skills of the professional driver, so whenever the harsh weather is causing a continuous disturbance in the driving, then hiring a taxi is the best possible option for you to count on.


Do Not Consider Driving A Car In The Following Cases


When Your Wife Is In Labour Pain

I know, how would you feel when your wife is screaming out of the labour pain and chances are that you may not be able to focus on the route to the hospital as you cannot see her in pain. Hire a cab in that case and hold the hand of your wife to make her calm.


When You Are Drunk

The late-night parties are the ones that never let the attendants go without having shots of the drinks. So no matter whether you have brought your car or not, if you are drunk then do not consider driving on your own. Hire a cab.


When you’re feeling extremely sleepy or sick

In case you are sleep deprived for the last 2 to 3 days and chances are that you may sleep in the way or you are so sick that you may not be able to focus on driving while on your way to the destination, hire a cab.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Choose flat rate airport taxi service

When we plan to travel from one place to another, we all want to have a luxurious experience but it should be friendly in our pocket. We all know the travel services charge extremely high and this is the reason people prefer the option of the train, bus, or traveling through their vehicle.

But, do you think it is the last & best resort for you?


This is where the Flat Rate Cab is going to prove fruitful in terms of traveling and even on the pocket. Sherwood Park Taxi provides the client with the most affordable and best options. Not to miss out on the fact that it is a much better option as compared to the metered taxi. Before we tell you about the reasons why you need to choose it, let us make you understand what it is.

What is a flat rate?

A flat rate means the rate will be the same, no matter what distance you need to cover. With a flat rate taxi, you don’t have to bear any type of hidden charges or other charges during the trip.

The price you have agreed upon you need to pay the same and nothing less or more than that. Through the metered taxi, you will know beforehand what you need to pay and nothing will come to you as a surprise.

Traveling through the metered taxi can come as a shock as you are not aware how much will be the final cost till the time you reach the destination. This is where choosing the flat rate airport taxi is the best option for you to travel from one place to another.

Reasons to choose flat rate taxi for airport

  • Negotiate the rate

With a flat rate, you will get the privilege to negotiate the rate. Like if you are on a budget constraint or you simply expect a better rate from the company. In all, choosing this type of travel service will help you to save money and you can use that same for future use.

  • 100% convenient

Now, what else would you want while traveling? Convenience is the primary factor we all look for while traveling from one place to another. As you will know how much the taxi fare will be you will have that peace of mind. Once you reach the destination the chauffeur will not ask you to pay 20 dollars more.

However, if you ask for additional service on the way then the price might vary. This is why we suggest all our clients tell us beforehand what they are expecting and we will tell you the right price beforehand. You can ask the company if any promos or customer discounts are going on at the moment.

Safe and travel-friendly service

Sherwood park taxis provide you with safe and travel-friendly service, no matter where you want to go in the city. We even provide a taxi service for long trips. Are you looking for a fast and economical taxi service? Book your taxi with us and get the best service from our chauffeurs.