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When we plan to travel from one place to another, we all want to have a luxurious experience but it should be friendly in our pocket. We all know the travel services charge extremely high and this is the reason people prefer the option of the train, bus, or traveling through their vehicle.

But, do you think it is the last & best resort for you?


This is where the Flat Rate Cab is going to prove fruitful in terms of traveling and even on the pocket. Sherwood Park Taxi provides the client with the most affordable and best options. Not to miss out on the fact that it is a much better option as compared to the metered taxi. Before we tell you about the reasons why you need to choose it, let us make you understand what it is.

What is a flat rate?

A flat rate means the rate will be the same, no matter what distance you need to cover. With a flat rate taxi, you don’t have to bear any type of hidden charges or other charges during the trip.

The price you have agreed upon you need to pay the same and nothing less or more than that. Through the metered taxi, you will know beforehand what you need to pay and nothing will come to you as a surprise.

Traveling through the metered taxi can come as a shock as you are not aware how much will be the final cost till the time you reach the destination. This is where choosing the flat rate airport taxi is the best option for you to travel from one place to another.

Reasons to choose flat rate taxi for airport

  • Negotiate the rate

With a flat rate, you will get the privilege to negotiate the rate. Like if you are on a budget constraint or you simply expect a better rate from the company. In all, choosing this type of travel service will help you to save money and you can use that same for future use.

  • 100% convenient

Now, what else would you want while traveling? Convenience is the primary factor we all look for while traveling from one place to another. As you will know how much the taxi fare will be you will have that peace of mind. Once you reach the destination the chauffeur will not ask you to pay 20 dollars more.

However, if you ask for additional service on the way then the price might vary. This is why we suggest all our clients tell us beforehand what they are expecting and we will tell you the right price beforehand. You can ask the company if any promos or customer discounts are going on at the moment.

Safe and travel-friendly service

Sherwood park taxis provide you with safe and travel-friendly service, no matter where you want to go in the city. We even provide a taxi service for long trips. Are you looking for a fast and economical taxi service? Book your taxi with us and get the best service from our chauffeurs.

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