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What is your choice of therapy to relax? Mine is Travelling! Indeed life should be about ‘Work, Travel, Save, and Repeat’. If traveling and adventure fill your soul, then don’t you think choosing reliable transportation will make everything much easier to enjoy. Living your best life and having fun with a group gets even better when you have opted for the right kind of transportation. In most cases, it is seen that people have difficulty choosing between the van and minibus.

At Sherwood park taxi, we always make sure that the clients get the best travel service which means comfort and safety at every step. Our flat rate cab is the most trusted option in Sherwood park by several clients and many of them have been getting our service since we started.

In this blog, we have highlighted why you choose a minibus as compared to the van.


Choose minibus over the van for traveling

Reason 1: Allows to fit in more people

No doubt, both van, and minus are different in size. Is pretty evident that vans are restricted in size as compared to the minibus. In a van, only 12 to 15 passengers can fit. But, when we talk about the minibus then it can accommodate around 35 people at once. So, if you are traveling in a larger group then you should prefer the minibus.


Reason 2: Have more storage space

Now! When we are traveling and that too with a large group, it is important to have enough space to keep stuff for everyone. With a minibus, all the stuff can be fitted easily and many of the items can be kept under the seat.


Reason 3: Safety to the highest level

While traveling safety cannot be compromised in any sense. The steel cage construction and dual rear wheels are important features that increase safety. The dual rear features are going to reduce the chances of rolling over and also protect the passengers from getting any type of injury.


Reason 4: Comfort at its best

Traveling is made for fun and happiness. If your ride is not comfortable, then there is no way that you are going to enjoy it. The minibuses’ bucket seats are comfortable and they are fitted in the right manner. There is proper headroom and center aisles have enough space that you can move easily when it is moving.


Reason 5: Easy to access for older people

With the minibuses, the passengers can access the vehicle easily. It is easier for them to board as the first step of the minus is around 11.5 inches. In addition, there are proper handles and it will be easier for the older & disabled people to board the vehicle.


Reason 6: Experienced Driver

At Sherwood park taxi we have experienced and trained drivers who will make sure that throughout the entire ride you do not face any problem. Additionally, all of our chauffeurs are properly trained and they will not do anything which affects your ride.


Do you want to travel in style with the utmost comfort and safety? Our taxi service has got everything covered for you. Reach out to our team to know more.

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