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All about tipping

In today’s blog, we shall learn about tipping. In the US, tipping shows that you have liked the particularly rendered service. No matter whether you are hiring a flat rate cab provided by Sherwood park taxi or any other cab, you need to recognize the services of the driver. It is kinda basic courtesy.


Keep it clear

The tipping practices and amounts are ordained by the law or any kind of private business.


A tip is much more than the money

A tip should not be considered merely money. It is a lot more than the money. It does not only mean that you are giving extra money to the service provider. It surely helps you to build good relations with the driver. Not only that but it can also be considered as the way to make the day of the driver and he may feel special and thus want to provide more 100% in his services.


The rule of the tipping

This is the question which is asked by many: “How much should one pay as a tip?”

The tip should be 10% of the actual amount. If the driver has contributed to saving you from adverse situations, then you may yourself can increase the tipping accordingly.


The tipping is not mandatory

Some people think that tipping is mandatory, but it is not. The customer may only feel like giving the additional money to the driver if he has been thoroughly satisfied with the services.


A way to recognize the services

As we have mentioned earlier, tipping is the way with which we can recognize the services of the driver. For example: If you have requested the driver to make you somehow reach the office on time and successfully did that. Then as a token of love or appreciation, you can provide him with a tip.


A tip represents how humble you are

As five fingers are not equal, the nature of the people is not the same. Some know the importance of appreciating the services while others do not. So the cab drivers should not expect to get tipped by each one of the passengers.


A tip is not always money

The tip should not only be money. Apart from that if you have something extra, then you can also use that to make the driver glad.

For example One of our happy passengers hired us. He had to reach the Mcdonald for a party. Once the party was over, he again hired us and the same driver who made his way there went to drop him back home. Once he got out of the cab, he did not have enough money to tip the driver. He had 4 boxes of pizza. He gave one of them to the driver and said “Enjoy your day, Young man!”

This gesture of his just took the driver’s heart away.


After reading all the above-mentioned points, we can happily say that tipping is much more than money.

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