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Tip Your Sherwood Park Cab Airport Taxi Driver

Traveling through the airport taxi service is a whole other kind of experience. Especially, when you choose to get the services of the Sherwood Park Taxi it is a way better experience than you expected it to be. As a whole experience when we talk about you will be getting the Flat Rate Cab service, safety, and on-time service. Astro Taxi is here to make the entire experience the best and you can see through the endeavor put in by the chauffeurs when you get the airport taxi or taxi service in general. Now, like others, your concern is, ‘How much should you tip the airport taxi driver?’ This blog has mentioned those tips which can make it easier for you.


How to tip the airport taxi driver?

Tip 1: Give them the tip you think they deserve it

No doubt, if your ride has been way better than you expected then you need to tip them. When the chauffeur who has come for the pickup, gives you the service they promised then they deserve a good tip just to appreciate their hard work.


Tip 2: At least 10% tip is needed or doesn’t do it

If the taxi service seems good to you and you think of paying the tip, then at least 10% tip should be paid or more. If you think of paying less than that then it is better that you don’t do it. On the chauffeur end, it might seem like that you are insulting them or giving it just for namesake.


Tip 3: Luggage handling requires more tip

The driver who has come to provide you with the taxi service is friendly helps you with your luggage and shows utmost respect that they deserve the reward for the same. When you know you have the best experience choosing them for the airport taxi service, then you should pay them at least 20% tip or more, only if your pocket allows you to do so/


Tip 3: Tip the dollar in one piece

If you are expecting that the taxi driver will give you the change or they have spare money, then don’t assume that. You should tip the dollar in whole because they can’t get it to break for you. If you ask them to give you the change for the tip then it is kind of embarrassing on your end and they might feel insulted.


Tip 4: Consider the ride quality and pay the tip

Indeed! You need to pay for the tip, depending on what type of ride you have experienced. You can pay for the ride by considering the given factors:

  • 10% tip – For the okay ride
  • 15% tip – For the standard ride
  • 20% tip – For the best ride of your life

Just consider your overall experience and then pay the necessary amount of tip to show appreciation to the chauffeur’s work and it also tells that they are highly satisfied with your work ethics and service. Withal, if something does not seem right to you or you experienced any sort of issue then let them know how they can improve in the future. Any professional chauffeur will happily listen to your suggestions.

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