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Have you heard the disastrous stories of the individuals facing trouble during their travel through a taxi? You know, ‘When does this situation arise?’ Well! This situation occurs when you hire a taxi agency without getting their detailed information or make the decision hastily. If you are on the lookout for the best Sherwood Park Taxi service, then Astro Taxi company is the best place to put your trust in. Moreover, we offer the service at the flat rate cab system.


With our agency, you can only expect the best of the best, and your journey will seem like a dream to you. You won’t even get to know when you reached your destination. The way our chauffeur interacted with you in the first place, or what they have told you, is the same you will get when you book your taxi to travel from one place to another. Many of the customers who are new to the place have faced problems booking the taxi or choosing a reliable taxi agency. Keeping that in mind, this blog is dedicated to those customers who frequently book the taxi. With the undermentioned tips, you can stay away from the situation which can call out for a scam.


Tips to avoid getting into a taxi scam

  • The licensed company, and licensed chauffeurs

License is the most important part to check when you are looking for a cab agency. If you find the agency working without any license, then you should not trust them. Don’t make a fool out of yourself and trust the company without checking the profile. You need to check their website thoroughly to make sure all the information is mentioned there and if you have any doubt in your mind then it’s better to look for someone else.


Astro taxi company and chauffeurs are licensed to ensure you get a quality ride because you deserve that.


  • Cross-check your driver status

What’s that one thing about the trip which you cannot compromise upon? Answer: Choose the driver. Indeed! You need to have a safe driver on the wheels and don’t even think twice to check their credibility. When you select the best driver to travel from one place to another it is going to take away all the stress.


Astro Taxi company drivers/chauffeurs profile is cross-checked and sent for police verification before we hire them.


  • Get all the possible information about the price

You need to get information about the price. It’s better that you choose a taxi company which offers a flat rate. The option of flat rate makes sure that you don’t have to pay anything extra as you will be charged only the desired amount told to you in the first place.


Astro taxi company offers service through the flat-rate system as it is aforementioned. Once you reach your destination, there won’t be any sort of hidden charges.


  • Returning policy for lost and found items

One of the common things which many of us do. It’s forgetting our stuff in the cab. Before you hire the taxi, make sure that you check whether they have a policy of returning missing items or not.


With Astro Taxi company you can expect to get back your lost item on your travel, only if you have left in our cab. Our reliable chauffeurs will return your back to you safely.

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