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Expert Guide: 4 Tips On How To Tip Your Sherwood Park Taxi Driver!

We all might be in a place where we would think, “Are we tipping our taxi drivers the right amount or not?”

People who travel visa cabs on a regular basis know how to tip them and how much to tip them. In fact, there are a bunch of factors that determine the tipping process. Some of the factors include:

But what if you are an infrequent rider? Then it might create difficulty in deciding how to tip the drivers and on what basis?

That is why we have stated some tips to help you guide through the path and hence reduce chances of anxiety and embarrassment while simultaneously ensuring that the driver is getting their due reward.

Tips On Tipping The Taxi Driver Right

  • Give them a tip only when they deserve it

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that do not tip them if you are not satisfied with the whole ride. If you have had an incredible ride, then yes, you can wholeheartedly tip your driver without hesitation. In fact, there are also many riders who do not even know if it is right to tip or not. And let me tell you, it is perfectly fine. So, by all means, if you are happy with the travel from the Sherwood Park Taxi, then you can tip them as much as you want.

  • Tip at least 10% or not at all

Now that we have established that it is perfectly fine to tip your driver, we should discuss the proper amount to tip. If you decide to tip the driver, then make sure you are tipping them at least 10 % or more. Anything less than that would not be worth it. Also, in case your trip costs you 10$ then make sure to leave at least 1 dollar and not 50 cents, as it is more hassle and unnecessary. If you believe it’s too much money, you always have the option not to tip.

  • Tips more for extra services

If your taxi driver is being extra nice by lending a hand to help you load and also unload the luggage at the airport, then it is the perfect time for you to pay an extra tip. Apart from that, if they seem genuinely friendly and helpful in terms of giving you information about places to visit for your vacation, then it is a win-win. In such a situation, you can increase the tipping fee to 20% or more based on the services.

  • Do not ask for change.

Now it is an essential tip for you!

If you are tipping your driver, make sure to round your tip to the closest dollar to make it easy for both parties. Do not tip uneven numbers like $11.53, especially via cash; instead, pay $12 and call it a day.

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