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Why hire astro taxi unit #777 for the family outing and the trips?

Many of us do think that the ‘ASTRO TAXI’ does provide services only for those who want to travel either alone or in pairs. But no, we do provide comprehensive services and as many as 6 members of your family can travel in a transportation unit. Isn’t that fun?

In case you have 12, then you can book 2 Flat Rate Cab Units.

If you were recently planning for a family outing but did not execute the same because of transportation concerns, then it is high time that you should replan your trip. And this time, consider booking a Sherwood Park Taxi.


Booking Options


Why Book Astro Taxi Unit #777?

Comfortable Rides

Because of the Strict Covid Guidelines, we do not prefer to make more than 6 people travel in the same vehicle simultaneously.

Those who are a bit convinced to book us, should not think about the comfort. For each traveller, we do have sufficient room to make sure that the journey does not seem too big to you.

Reasonable Prices

Our prices have always remained flat. This means that the prices are supposed to be uniform regardless of the total distance covered. For booking an Astro Taxi Unit #777, you will have to spend only $59.


Such is the reason why we keep on receiving quintessential booking traffic on our website.

On-Time Services 

Now the critics must have formed an impression – ‘That if the prices are less, then the services would be inferior.’

By thinking that, you have underrated our backend staff. We hold ourselves responsible to make sure that we offer quality services to our customers.

To get a little bit more idea about how good our services are, you can check the testimonial section of our website:

Safe Travelling 

No matter whether the way is short or long, our drivers always drive at a legible speed to avoid the chances of mishappenings.

You can expect to be in safe hands. Do not worry, You are our responsibility.

The Drivers are professionally trained

One of the biggest concerns of the customers is about the driver. They fear booking the taxi thinking if the drivers would be having the required documents or proof like a driving license or will the driver be having the required experience or training?

But to your dismay, we would like to present an assurance that our drivers are thoroughly trained by the professional staff who make sure that the driving and the soft skill training of the drivers never gets questioned.

We Have Much More To Offer!

If you want to book some unit other than #777, then you are free to make a choice. You can choose your kind of cab by having a glance at the following link:


Final Comments! 

You can submit the feedback of how was your travelling experience with us:

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Astro taxi: Giving the nonpareil and top-rated cab service in sherwood park

With the blessing of almighty everyone’s business is getting back on track after COVID. No doubt, even at this point taking the necessary precautions are important to better manage your health. As with time, the international borders are getting opened and people are putting their trust in the taxi service to reach the destination. For the past so many years, Astro Taxi has been one of the known names on the lookout for the best Sherwood Park Taxi service.

Loyal and happy customer base

The name and fame the Astro taxi company has got is not just an overnight task. It took years for our team to reach this far. 365 days a year, we make sure to fulfill all your needs of the taxi service. Moreover, the positive feedback we have got from our happy and loyal base of customers is the major factor that we get inspired to do better each day. Moreover, we learn from our mistakes and valuable feedback shared by the customers.

Reliable and affordable taxi service

Let’s talk about affordable taxi service: It means the Flat Rate Cab service. By flat rate, it means that no matter where you want to travel the price of the cab is fixed. Once you reach the desired place there is not any sort of a surprise in terms of extra expenses or additional cost. The price you have been told about in the first place, the same you need to pay in the end.

Now! Talking about reliability, our taxi company offers you the best of everything. Moreover, there is a diverse range of options given by our chauffeur which is the reason customers are benefited to a great extent. For many customers, it is like a delight to get the taxi service because of how convenient and best it is.

Book your cab any time

Be it day, afternoon, evening, or night, you can put your trust in the taxi service to travel to the desired place. The approach and service method used by our team is the key factor that the customers put trust in our chauffeurs to travel from one place to another.

The taxi service should come with a delight and that is what we make sure to do every time you book our taxi service.

Emergency taxi service

An emergency is something that can occur at any time and on any day. We make sure that a trust factor is built with each of our customers because only this you will get to deal with the situation, and we can fulfill the duties we are bound to do. Just compare it with the real-life situation, only when the 4 wheels of the car are working properly can you reach the desired destination. In the same manner, we make sure once you have reached out to our chauffeur, you get the best of service in all ways. If you would like to know in detail about our service, then get in touch with our team and schedule the taxi on the set date & time.

Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


If you have your means of transportation, then you might prefer to drive on your own. But, at times your car might not work or somebody else in your family has taken it for their work. Moreover, when your health does not allow you to drive you should never drive on your own. The risky proportion needs to be kept in mind and it is better to consider other options. But, ‘What?’ In such a case you need to choose the service given by the best company of Sherwood Park TaxiAstro Taxi.


There is not just one benefit you can get with it as the entire experience is different and way better than you imagined. The Astro taxi provides the Flat Rate Cab which allows you to pay the desired amount no matter where you want to travel, with no extra expenses when you reach the destination.


Reasons to prefer can service over other transportation

  • On-time service by the chauffeur

If you have to board a flight and you think of traveling by bus, your car, or other transportation system then it will be extremely tiresome. There are high chances that you miss the bus or go to the next stop which is a waste of time. They have their fixed schedule and it is difficult to match yours with them. This is the reason, choosing the taxi ride is the ideal choice.

With cab service, you can expect everything to be on-time and they will come to your place when you have asked them.

  • Safe and secure

The cab service is safe and secure and with them, it is easier to reach the desired place on time. The Astro Taxi chauffeur are extremely versatile with their work approach which allows you to have the best ride of your life. Our reliable and skilled chauffeur is just one phone call away from you to give the best service of your life.

  • Aware of all the local routes

The professionals are well-aware of the local routes in the entire city. This means, if you are in a time crunch they will take you through the shortest route and you will reach the desired place on time.

The Astro Taxi chauffeurs make sure that you reach your place on time with the fastest route possible.

  • Expect affordability every time

Affordable is a big concern while traveling through other means of transportation. When you choose the cab service, it will be extremely affordable in your pocket. As we have mentioned above, the prices are fixed which allows you to get the service under the desired price and once you reach the destination there will not be any problem.


Get your taxi booked in advance

You know what our taxi service company is here to make your life affordable and it’s even better when you choose to get your cab booked in advance so that there is not any sort of hassle. If you have any doubt, get in touch with our team for detailed information.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


Nowadays people find air rides as one of the sophisticated rides whether it is for business, family-get-together or some kind of vacation. Travelling through the air is one of the things about which people remain more excited. But all of their excitement is dashed once they visit the crowded airports at which they find the intensive security measures and those long queues as most bothersome.


There might be some things which you may find unlikable as far as your flying experience is concerned, but reaching the airport should not have anything which proves to be unlikable. Do you agree with that?

If you want your car-riding experience to go well, then you are advised to book a Sherwood Park Taxi.


Advantages of booking a taxi for your airport rides 


Fixed or Uniform Rate 

We do have the availability for you to book a flat rate cab. I know, when it is about the airport taxi travel, then you want to be relaxed by not bothering to think about anything. And thus you do not want to drive on your own. So if this is the case with you as well, then booking a flat rate cab whose driver will be cordial with you is the best thing anyone can do.


The Advantage of Time management

When you are hiring the services of a professional taxi driver, then you are counting on the services of the driver that has excellent time management skills.


You will get help with the luggage 

I know, when it is about riding to the airport, then you will be having so much luggage with you. And to get it on and off the car will not be a thing for you. When you book us, then you will get the most relaxing experience.


You will be assured of safety and security 

When you book us, then you can get assured of the safety and the security. The driver which you are hiring will promise not to disappoint you in providing the ultimate safety and security.


Your journey will become memorable 

Booking us will help you to make your journey highly memorable. If you have ever experienced booking other taxi services and then ours, you are sure to notice the difference between the two.


Early Pickup and drop facility 

When we are talking about the airport riding service, then one of the predominant things which people consider a great facility is the early pickup and drop facility.

The time at which you have to reach the airport will be considered a deadline and you will reach the end of the day with hope.


Final Comments! 

The above-mentioned points are the ones that are considered by every airport rider to make sure that his airport riding experience should not be hindered by anything.


If you are the one who is lethargic to find all these facilities from a number of the agencies, then you are requested to choose us only, since we promise you with all those facilities which you need in the taxi or the cab service.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi Taxi Service


Sometimes we have to reach somewhere but we don’t feel like driving. In that case, booking a flat rate cab or the Sherwood Park taxi serves as a boon for us.


It is also to be noted down here that if we count on the public transport, then we’ll contribute to the intensification of stress. One predominant benefit of hiring a bus or a cab is that you can summon them at your convenience. Can you get such benefits from public transport?

Of Course, Not!


Here in this blog post, we are going to tell you the reasons why should you opt up for Taxi service rather than counting on public transport:



  • Services are rendered by the professional drivers

As we all do accept that it is only the drivers who are known as the face of the cab service. The way with which they render the services and the personality which they reflect is responsible for either making or breaking the reputation of the company in the market. We at the Sherwood Park taxi hire not only reliable but experienced drivers. So when you book either cab or taxi from us, then be assured that you will be provided with the best quality services.


  • The availability will never be a concern for you

As far as the availability is concerned, you will never get disappointed as we always keep a quintessential number of cars reserved. In case, we run out of cabs, then we’ll ask you to wait for some time until we’ll arrange something but the answer will never be ‘NO!’.


  • Economical Services

When you’ll hire a taxi from us, then be assured of the prices. Our travelling range is super pocket friendly that you will not take a second thought before clicking on ‘Book Now’. Since we are highly acclaimed for providing flat rate cabs, you can choose to go on the long tours with us since you will be paying the fixed amount which is already determined irrespective of the distance you need to cover.


  • Safe Ride

Do not give space to any kinds of doubts and fear when you have considered us for travelling purposes. We do not hire the drivers until we get wholly assured of their credibility, reliability and licensing. Those who are recruited are strictly informed to make sure that they carry the permits all the time so that public safety can be assured.


Know it!

Our recruitment process begins with sorting. In it, the customers who are having any kind of criminal record are sorted.


  • You will obtain a thorough co-operation

When it comes to cooperation, then our drivers are highly cordial in their dealings. So it can be assured that you will not suffer from any kind of problem.


Bottom LIme

If after reading the above-mentioned points, you want to consider us for being our partner in the journey, then please do not delay for a second and immediately book a cab to make the easy availability ascertained.

 Taxis Sherwood Park Cab Service Sherwood Park Cabs Taxi Service


There are numerous reasons that you may want to use a cab service. They can always come to your rescue when you need to go somewhere. Let’s see how Astro taxi service is helpful to you:

Night Outs

Going to a night out and vice versa via Sherwood Park Taxi provided by Astro Taxi is one of the safest options to travel safely at night. Relying on public transportation may not be helpful in this case as either it is not operating at odd hours or is not safe. Taking the taxi ensures that you will be carefully dropped at your doorstep. Another advantage is when you have been drinking all night. It is not permissible to drive in that condition. So, this taxi service takes you to your home in good shape and without heavy fines.

To and Fro Airport Transfers

Though there are plenty of options available that will take you to and from the airport, but there is nothing like the Astro taxi service. Their hassle-free approach, well-trained drivers that pick up and delivers your luggage to the destination, and comfortable vehicles that will never leave you disappointed. Getting the right cab service not only reduces the tiredness you faced in your journey but also offers you flat ride rates to your destination. So, you will never have to worry about the prices.

Always On Time

Running late for work? Public transportation problem? Well, don’t worry. Sherwood Park Taxi is just a call away. With experienced chauffeurs that are fully familiar with the areas to take you to the most efficient and least congested route. So that you can reach your destination on time.

Astro taxi service is known for its punctuality and quality service. Their taxis are neat & clean and super comfortable to ride on. Their prices are quite affordable as compared to other alternatives. You can always count on them no matter where you are stuck in the neighbourhood. So, from now onwards you don’t need to worry about your shopping trips, hospital visits, or sightseeing as they are always there to pick you up at the right time.