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How to Choose Booster Seat for your child

Due to work, it could be personal or professional. If you must go to any other state and roam the city, find a specific place like hotels, offices, and banks, and you need to know the address. Thanks to Taxi services available on the road or mobile also.

From the office to the airport, a taxi to sherwood park is available anytime. This is just an example of if I was at the airport in Canada and needed to go to Sherwood Park. All I need to do is ask for a Sherwood Park taxi.

If we are travelling with a baby, he needs extra care during the taxi ride. Let’s dig into the article for the safe joyride of the baby. And you’ll get to know one of the best flat-rate taxi at sherwood park.

Seek taxi services which are providing booster seats : 

Many Taxi services offer booster seats for toddlers. It would help if you searched for a few taxi services. Suppose you don’t know any. You can use Google for the best taxi services for toddler booster seats. 

Picking the right seat for Toddlers:

Remember some essential facts while choosing the best seat booster for your toddlers.

  • Consider the age and height of your toddler while choosing a booster seat for your child. It would be best to ask your car seat manufacturer to select the seat according to your child’s age and size. Learn to fit the booster seat aligned with lower anchors and seat belts. Read the manual if needed. 
  • Find the booster seat which can fit in your vehicle; only some of the seats fit in all cars.
  • Test that car seat before buying, and buy one that can be installed and used efficiently.
  • Transport of Canada advice people to place their babies in rear-facing car seats,

Types of car seats:

There are a majority of three car seats: Rear-facing car seats, Forward facing car seats, and Booster seats. All kinds of seats are explained below:

Rear-facing car seat: A most recommended seat for your baby to use. Fit this seat in the rear seat of your car and make sure there is a gap between the baby’s head roof of the seat. In any crash, this seat moves along with your kid and saves the delicate neck of your kid( 12 months kids or 1 to 3-year-old kid). They are further divided into three categories: 

  • Infant car seat ( rear facing)
  • Convertible car seat
  • All in one seat

Forward falling car seat: A harness controls the child’s movement during crashes. If a child doesn’t fit into the rear-facing seat due to height but doesn’t have much weight to be in the booster seat, it could be in the forward-facing seat(4 to 7 years old). It also has three kinds of seats : 

  • Convertible seat
  • Combination seat
  • All in one seat

Booster seats: The minimum weight of the child must be 18 kg or more than that. It raises the child’s position so that the vehicle belt can fit correctly to the lap and shoulder of the kid. The harness attached to it fits appropriately over the strong points of the baby( 8 to 12-year-old kid). There are four kinds of booster seats : 

  • Booster seat with high back
  • Backless booster seat
  • Combination seat
  • All in one seat

Whether you’re travelling with your kids or with the kids of your kids, Astro Taxi has all arrangements for everyone’s needs.

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