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In today’s date when we think of taxis, we think of cabs that are usually tethered to a technological app that comes in handy in a mobile phone through which we can select the estimate the fare, select the place of pick up and drop and also at the same time include in many people while on our way to our destination be accompanied by other customers so that the fare implied on an individual is less.

When we speak of taxis we are aware that taxis first originated in the year 1891, thirty-five years before the vehicle motor was tethered to a small model car which was used as a model for demonstration.

But did you know Taxi services are not, all the same, all over the world, the major reason why the imagery of yellow and black taxis is imprinted in our minds is that London was the world’s trade centre after the Second World War and secondly the advent and reach of Hollywood movies are what made them even more popular. While water taxis are very popular in regions like Venice, Sydney and New York the taxi of the Philippines is what is known as the tricycle “shared by a very well-known businessman who has been operating his own company that has been providing Taxi Service in Sherwood Park for a few years.




  • Auto rickshaws of India: The auto rickshaws of India are as popular as the flat rides of the Sherwood Park cabs, auto rickshaws are tiny three-wheeled structure with a flat covering on the top auto rickshaw is usually considered the advanced form of the manual rickshaw that was pulled by a bicycle driven by men usually.
  • Bici taxi of Mexico: The Bici taxi of Mexico is very similar to the bicycle rickshaw that was usually found in India during the late colonial rule, the only difference is the difference in height: the bicycle rickshaw was slightly elevated while the Bici Taxi is more grounded.
  • London’s black cabs: The white and black taxis of London are very similar to the regular taxis that are found in new York cities with a shade of yellow and black, the black cabs draw a very similar parallel, the only difference is the bulging structure at the top of the vehicle.
  • Gondolas of Venice – The gondolas of Venice are very similar to that of any other city in New York. The Gondolas of Venice are taken by people who ride the boat through the waters because Venice has no roads, just water.
  • Madagascar’s Taxi Brousse – Madagascar’s taxi brousse resembles a lot the minibus that can be found while travelling through highways, the major disadvantage of such a structure is that because it is a little larger than a van the structure is more uncomfortable and cramped, hence a on-boarding of more than five people is very congesting.


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