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Must-Visit Tourist Attractions To Explore In Sherwood Park, Alberta

Whenever we talk about traveling & places to explore in Canada, everyone starts thinking about Toronto or Ontario. But there are other places in Canada where you can explore new things and places. So instead, you should visit Sherwood Park, a place close to nature and a bit away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Although the tourist attractions in Sherwood Park, Alberta, are far from each other, you should travel by Sherwood Park Taxi for an easy commute.

This blog will give you a virtual trip to various tourist attractions in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions To Explore In Sherwood Park 

  • Broadmoor Lake Park:

Are you looking for a picnic spot for your friends, family, or kids? If yes, then Broadmoor Lake Park is the perfect option for you. Here you could find proper seating places to bring your food and stuff and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

You can directly book a taxi services Sherwood park from your location to the park and can reach here effortlessly.

  • Millennium Place:

Millennium Place is the best option for you if you want to do some fun physical activity and are looking for the perfect place suggestions. Within Millennium Place, you could find ice stages, gyms, physical activity areas, and play areas for both kids and adults.

Not just that, you can also find out several food and beverage areas from where you can get the best food items as well.

  • Barr Estate Winery:

Want to try out the best wine in Sherwood Park? If yes, then Barr Estate Winery is the perfect place to explore. First, here you can check out the best wines in the area. Secondly, you can get a chance to taste wines.

Secondly, it can also be an informational trip for you, as here in the Barr Estate Winery; you can also learn how the wine is created and the steps linked with it.

  • Randy Rosen Arena:

Randy Rosen Arena is a sports center around Sherwood Park, where you can visit for hockey and athletics tournaments. If you are a fan of hockey and athletics, then you should visit this place and be a guest.

Around the arena, you will find several food stores from where you can find something to eat during the matches.

  • North Cooking Lake:

If you love nature, then North Cooking lake is the most appropriate place to explore. This is a greenery-filled area around North Cooking Lake, where you can visit for a picnic or enjoy yourself with your friends.

You can bring your food and other equipment for the picnic or your camping plans.


We hope you got good enough ideas about the must-visit tourist attractions and places to explore around Sherwood Park, Alberta. If you struggle to travel from one place to another in Sherwood Park, book a cab from Astro Taxi.

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