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  1. A Trio Opted For A Taxi To Travel From London To Australia

Sherwood Park cabs ask, What if you have to go to Australia from the UK? How would you plan your journey? You will be thinking of me as a fool since everybody out there would find the journey through an aeroplane the most comforting. But what if I say, there are some people out there, who would love to travel via a Sherwood Park taxi which is a flat rate cab. Would you believe me?

I know, your answer would be ‘NO!’ Let me reveal an interesting fact:

There were three Londoners whose names were: Leigh Purnell, Johno Ellison and Paul Archer. They decided to reach Australia via a taxi or a cab.


This trio covered all the following places:

England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Monaco, Italy, San Marino, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and finally Australia.


  1. 2% Of The Cab Drivers In London Are Female

Since the taxis are supposed to roam everywhere, the giant variety of taxi drivers are males. Females are usually not passionate about being in this profession. So there are only 2% of the females out there who would love to be in this profession of taxi driving.


  1. Eerie Forgotten Items Found In The Cab

Being a taxi driver, you are quite sure to find lost items in the cabs. Usually, the items which are forgotten by the people in the cabs include the following:

  • Smartphones
  • Wallets
  • Occasional Toys


But there are some other strange things which are left in the cab, that the cab drivers forget. Do you want to know, what are those?


Let’s make this challenge interesting. Try not to laugh after reading the bullets:

  • 1 Million in Cash
  • A live Lobster
  • A human baby


  1. Don’t Shout “Taxi!”

Usually, people love to shout for a taxi when they want to make the driver know that they need to ride. But it is one of the discouraging ways to hail a taxi. This is the most wrong way for the passengers to hail the taxi. Instead, they should wave their hands. It is the most ethical and non-distracting way to call for a taxi driver.


It was called with the joint name: TaxiCab

Before 1907, the words taxi and cab were combined and whenever people had to refer to the taxi, they would often call it the taxicab.



Final Comments!

If any of our readers are interested in sharing interesting facts about the taxi or the cab, then please let us know. We would publish the facts and the interesting stories in our upcoming blog.


And if any of you want to give us any suggestions about the facts and the stories, then please let us know.

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