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Some Of The Most Strange Taxi laws From All Around The World

Have you ever heard about any strange Sherwood Park Taxi laws, which you think are very weird?

Generally, you must have heard about Flat rate taxi Sherwood Park rules like wearing a seatbelt, not having more than four people in a car, keeping the taxi at a speed limit, and many more.

But in this blog, we will talk about some of the most strange taxi laws from around the world.

Most Strange Taxi laws From All Around The World

 Let us have a look at some of the most strange taxi laws from all around the world, along with their explanations:

1- If you are a taxi driver in London, you cannot take rabid dogs and corpses. Well, this rule is specifically developed for safety and hygienic purposes. There is a high chance that if you take a rabid dog or corpse in your taxi, a lot of bacteria can occur in your taxi.

Hence if you are not cleaning your taxi, the next passengers will have their life at risk.

Another taxi law linked with London is that a person with plague cannot even try or sit in a taxi in London. So imagine you have plague or other such noticeable problems which you are unaware of, then also it’s illegal in London to travel in a taxi.

2- In Denmark, there is a special law that you should always keep dimmed headlights of your taxi throughout the day. So if you are not turning it on day or night, then that’s illegal.

Driving a vehicle without turning on the dimmed headlights is a serious crime in Denmark.

3- There are certain parts of Canada such as Halifax where a taxi driver is not allowed to drive while wearing a t-shirt. Hence in such places, you will always notice the taxi drivers wearing a shirt or other clothing items.

You will find a specific fashion Police in such areas who keep track of the clothing items taxi drivers wear. A taxi driver should also wear shoes and socks in this area.

Well, the shoes and socks rule is specifically developed to drive the car safely, there are a few taxi drivers drove their taxis while wearing sleepers, and they faced serious accidents.

4- In Australia, wearing a seatbelt is compulsory, whether you are driving a bus, car, or truck. But when we talk about South Wales and Queensland, the rule is a bit different, as everyone in the taxi should wear a seatbelt except the taxi driver.

By doing so, the taxi driver is not stuck in the seat and can get a better view outside while driving the taxi. Hence, it leads to fewer accidents.


 We hope you were amazed after checking out some of the most strange taxi laws worldwide; which taxi law you found the weirdest?


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