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All of us need to book a Sherwood park taxi sometimes when our cars have gone for repairs or the replacement of something. These are the best taxi services since they offer you flat rate cabs. Since we take so much benefit from the cars and the taxi services, have we ever imagined how the taxi services have originated.


Public Vehicles

The history of public vehicles is about 100s years old, much before motor cars originated. In 1605, the first hackney coach service was hired 1605. Carriages were hired by 1625. And ten years after, in 1635, the first carriage act was passed which was known as the hackney carriage act.


Did you know?

By 1637, it was only Parsian Nicolas Sauvage who provided fiacres (horse carriages) to be hired in the French city.



Immediately after 1662, hackney carriage licenses commenced being issued.


Origin of the Hansom Cabs

These were named after the famous architect Joseph Hansom. These were originated in 1834. These were also two-wheeled carriages like the hackney carriages. But the little difference was that these are highly light and faster as compared to the hackney carriages.

Since it was competitively cheaper to ride so within no time their popularity got spread in the following regions:

  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • St Petersburg
  • New York City


When were the taxis started?

The taxis were started in 1891. The taxis which are run today are based on the taximeter. This taximeter was invented in 1891.


Do you know what a ‘Taximeter’ is?

It is an instrument that is accountable for measuring the total distance and the time the vehicle travels. The fare here is to be determined accurately.


When was the first Gasoline-powered Taxi invented?

The whole credit for making the transportation easy for us goes to Gottlieb Daimler. It was completely his idea to bring about a vehicle powered by gasoline and equipped with a taximeter. With all his efforts, in 1897, it became possible to bring about the world’s first taxi. Not only this, he was the founder of the world’s first motorised taxi company.


Did you know?
The cabs are known as hummingbirds in London because of the sound they make.


Who invented the cabs?

Walter Bersey in 1897 was the first man who not only designed this but attempted to introduce these as well. The successful introduction of cabs in 1897 made cabs popular


How did the concept of the yellow taxis come into being?

Harry Allen imparted a taxi from France and tried to think of the way with which he could stand apart in the traffic. He thought that it is the different colours that can attract attention. He decided to paint it yellow.

Why are taxis known to play an important role in World War I?

The taxis played a major role in World War I. They helped to make the soldier reach the front. These also helped the refugees to save their lives. It was only these taxis that helped the wounded people to reach out to the treatment at the earliest.

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