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What do Americans have to keep in mind while traveling to Canada via taxi during Covid-19?

The only way to stop the spread and ensure everyone is in a safe condition, the necessary precautions have to be taken. This is the reason only those Americans are allowed who are fully vaccinated. No doubt, the outbreak has made it slightly difficult to enter the Canadian border as this is the only way that can ensure the COVID spread is limited. Even if you are choosing to travel through the taxi service, the necessary measures have to be taken.

Be cautious!

Combat with this deadly virus is only possible when health measures are respected in all regards. The visitors have the give all the necessary documentation which includes:

  • Vaccination Proof
  • COVID-19 test

Both these measures are required to be fulfilled before you land on the Canadian border. In case any wrong information is shared then there will be action taken against them. Bear in mind, to travel in Canada no matter what purpose it is and enjoy the service of  Sherwood Park Taxi such measures are imperative to take.


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It’s essential to be fully vaccinated whether you want to travel to Canada by land, air, or sea. The COVID-19 immunization has to be done at least 14 days ahead of the necessary time of travel. The Canadian government accepts the given vaccine:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD


A negative COVID test is imperative

That is the most obvious thing for all the tourists that ensure there is a negative COVID-19 test report. The PCR test report has to be given which helps in giving the necessary vaccination status. Apart from that, you can have a better look at the community-based guidelines given for the COVID as each of them varies as per the location. If you are in doubt about what needs to be done or you don’t have enough information then better reach out to the health care practitioner for all sorts of necessary updates.


All the necessary cards & documents are important to bring in

  • The vaccination proof document has to be given in French, English, or any sort of certified language.
  • The immunization status will be checked before boarding the flight as such information is necessary to be given in the first place.
  • Once you enter the Canadian border make sure the immunization papers are submitted along with all the test results.


Bear in mind!

If the legal documentation is not given then it won’t be allowed to cross the borders. SO, it’s better to ensure that all the necessary documents are with you.


Do you have COVID-19 signs?

In case you have COVID-19 signs then it’s better to be selected. If the visitors are fully vaccinated then quarantine is not needed as you arrive. No doubt every guest has to follow a quarantine strategy. Just make sure that before you begin the trip, get every possible information.


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