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No matter which type of service industry you talk about, tipping is an important part of that service. In case you have booked the Sherwood Park Taxi from the team Astro Taxi, then you should tip the professionals only after you think they deserve every bit of it. Although, our chauffeurs do everything possible to make sure you have the best ride of your life. Giving the tip is just the way of saying you loved their etiquettes and they have given you exceptional service to make you reach your destination on time. Moreover, as we are giving the service through the Flat Rate Cab which ensures that no matter where you choose to travel the price is fixed.


In which situations should you tip the taxi driver?

  • Booked the cab to go on a long journey or ride

Booking for the taxi is a good choice on your part as the chauffeur ensures that you have a seamless ride and you reach your place on time. On the other hand, when you choose to drive a long ride on your own, there are many hassles like parking, filling the engine, and other necessary tasks. This way, when you book the taxi all this stress is taken away. So, this is the perfect scenario to tip the chauffeurs.


  • Booked the cab but in-between you need to make a stop

Few minutes might seem fine but when the time starts exceeding way too much then it is the patience and professionalism of the chauffeur that they wait for. Just think that the total time they have stopped for you could be used to pick and drop other passengers. With that said, make sure that you tip the driver.


  • Booked a cab with a group of friends

If you have booked a cab with a group of people or friends who are very loud or always talking about something, then on the chauffeur’s part it might seem tough to do their work with utmost concentration. Giving the taxi driver a tip, in the end, is the way of expressing that you are thankful for their services.


  • Booked a cab and driver is helpful

No matter which place you have booked the cab or taxi, it is important that you tip them for their services. Specifically, when the chauffeur has helped you whether you pick up the stuff or help you take them out when you reach the airport. The tips will act as a motivation for them to do better in the future and let them know that they are doing the best they can.


  • Booked a cab during the rush hours or early hours

Whether it is early or you have booked for the taxi during the rush or early hours, then you must pay them for their hard work and extra efforts they are putting in. This way, the driver will even feel motivated and every day they will be putting the same efforts & doing the work with utmost dedication.


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