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Booking a flat rate cab or the Sherwood park taxi is deemed the most convenient option. But some people do compare it with uber on certain grounds. So in this blog post, we have attempted to provide the relevant information for both the competitors and have left it to the discretion of the readers to decide which one is the best.




  • Variations

When we are talking about the uber services, then we are referring to variations. It is completely our own will to decide which car we want to ride in. We shall be having the choice to consider all the following options and select the one as per our preferences:

  • Black Limousines
  • Taxis
  • Select
  • UberX


  • No need for the formal interviews

The uber drivers are not required to present themselves for any kind of formal interviews. When we are talking about the registration process


Drivers with Uber aren’t required to present themselves for formal interviews or even meet anyone from company headquarters. When it is about the registration process, then it is going to be online.


Interesting facts about Uber
Uber was kicked off in the year 2021. Since then, it has continued with its expansion and the result is that it has spread to more than 60 countries.


  • You can get a chance to give your feedback

This facility has not only been provided to the passengers but the drivers as well. If the passenger has not gotten satisfied with the ride or he did not like his behaviour or vice versa, then the feedback, ratings or the review is the thing that allows you to present your reviews.




We do not condemn anyone based on any factor. We highly appreciate the facilities provided by Uber, but it does not necessarily mean that the taxi services have nothing good to offer to the people. In this blog post, we are mentioning the very selective benefits of the taxi, otherwise, they are countless.


  • The drivers are thoroughly examined

The drivers who are employed in any of the taxi companies have gotten into it after a thorough background check. Every credential of theirs is checked and after a tightened examination, it is decided whether they are to be hired or not.


  • Safety and security is always promised

The Sherwood park taxi especially makes sure that the passengers are enjoying a comfortable, safe and secure ride. We sign a bond with the drivers and hold something as security to make them conscious that legal action will be taken against them if they are found guilty in any kind of matter and found harassing the passengers.


  • You can book on the call

When it is about uber then you can only book it if you are having a smartphone. If you are not having that then walking to the home or the destination will be the only option left for you. (As Per the Uber belief)

But as far as the taxi services are concerned, then we do have the flexibility to book the same even with the keypad or buttoned phone.

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