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When we are talking about the Pandemic and travelling, then only one question arises in mind, “Whether it is safe to travel in the Pandemic or not?” Yes, it is. But only if you are relying on the services of the Sherwood park Taxi. That is the company which does not only offer you the high-quality services but the major benefit of these because of which people like the most is the flat rate cabs.


But when we are particularly talking about travelling in the covid times, then we are even more serious about the safety and the security measures:


We have mandated the masks

Since all of us know that the Covid-19 is not present in the air. It is transferred from one person to another through the air expelled from the mouth during the exhalation process. So if we are not wearing the masks then we are contributing to making our environment polluted with the COVID germs.


No-contact transaction

Since hands are among the main sources through which the Covid germs pass from one individual to another. This is why we have paid the maximum attention to this thing and opted for the cashless transaction. Cashless transactions can be any form of online payment platform or it can be the payment that is done through credit or debit cards.

We accept that there are rare times when people do not have an online or cashless medium to pay for the travelling fares. In that case, we have instructed our drivers to sanitize the hands of both the customers and yours before and after getting handed over with the cash.


The seats are sanitized after each use

After a customer has finished his ride and then the next customer is to be seated for travelling purposes, then in those cases, our drivers are mandated to sanitize each inch of the car before receiving the next ride.


When you are with us, then you can expect us to provide you with a bit of security and safety.


The drivers are regularly checked

We know that it is the driver who can emerge as the main source for spreading the Covid infection since his job is not the stationary kind. He has to visit a lot of places daily. And no matter how many precautions he is taking, sometimes somehow unknowingly they get the germs of the infection in them. So before joining the duty, the drivers are instructed to visit the office premises, so that their full-body checkup is done. Once they are found to be healthy, only then they are allowed to take the duty further.


Final Comments!

In short, we can only say when it is about the Cab or the taxi service, then please count on us only. We know what is the news of the day and how we can make our clients utmostly satisfied.

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