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According to the Sherwood Park Taxi drivers, “We feel so much happy when the passengers whom we have dropped to the said location recognizes our services by giving us a tip.”


But some people do not know about which factors to take into account when the tip is to be given to the drivers. Are you also one of those?


Flat Rate + Tip = Makes the Taxi Driver happy 

It is advised to all the customers that are hiring the flat rate cabs, that apart from the cost to pay for travelling a distance, some tip is also to be given to make the driver feel happy.


Tips For Paying Tips To The Taxi Drivers 


If they deserve, do not back out in paying for the tip 

If you have gotten all the facilities which you have expected from the taxi ride, then do not merely pay the cost to travel the distance. Leave some tips to the driver who has made your travelling experience as most happening.


Do not pay less than 10% of the tip 

First of all, it is advised to all the customers not to make tipping a thing that the driver takes on his self-respect or worth. If you want to tip the driver, then it should be 10% of the amount you have to pay for the driver. Do not pay less than that. If you think 10% is the bigger amount, then do not pay at all.


Tip for helping out with the luggage 

Although helping with your luggage is not the responsibility of the driver. But if owing to the good ethics he has helped you out with, then you also have to show some good faith or something in return. For that, you have to pay some extra amount in the form of a tip that reflects how gratified you are for the driver.


Asking for spare change does not look great 

If you have thought to tip the driver, then make sure you are paying the whole dollar, do not ask for the change. It does not look ethically good.


Do not say, “Keep the change” Else say it politely 

You are advised never to say ‘Keep the change’. It sounds like you are establishing your superiority over the driver.

Also, the words are not offensive if you are saying them in a good tone. Instead, if you have chosen the rude way, then the ‘Happy Birthday’ wish will also sound bad.


Appreciate the efforts of the drivers 

Tipping should not be considered the only way to appreciate the drivers. Sometimes, the wording with which you appreciate the drivers’ matters a lot. So along with tipping, just use some good wording, so that they could make the day of the driver.


Final Comments! 

But if the good drivers are left with tips, what to do with the ones with whom our experience has been bad. First of all, we promise that with Sherwood Park Cabs, your travelling experience will never be bad. If you are booking some other taxi and the driver is rude, then in the first place, pay him with the quoted amount and then tell him that he should not be rude to you.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


Astro Taxi services are of the view, “That it is only the only cab services that are emerging to be highly successful even in these COCID-19 times. When people do not have any source of the conveyance (the owned travelling medium) and they neither want to take the help of the public transport, then only the car and taxi option are left to them which is best as far as the comfort, safety and security measures are concerned.”



In case, any of our customers are finding the ideal taxi service and they do not want to consider so many factors as they do not have any time, then they should go for booking either the Sherwood park taxi or the flat rate cabsBoth the options are extremely good as we have never encountered even 1 complaint regarding anything.


Apart from the benefits presented in a hidden way in the above-mentioned para’s, we want our readers to have a thorough understanding of the benefits of the Sherwood Park Taxi:


Always available

Emergencies do not come after an invitation. There could arise either early morning emergencies or late night havoc. And the situation gets even worse when you have sent your car for repairs or service. What if you have only 20 minutes to reach where your presence is needed?


OMG! Do not worry that much when we are here. If any of the above-mentioned situations arise, then make sure you are counting on the Astro taxi service.



Not each one of us is a millionaire that can afford those costly limousine rides. So we always intend to get the transportation service that is not only easy to avail but is also offered at the cost-effective prices.

At Astro taxi service we have kind of the fare facilities. Based on the requirements of our customers, we decide whether the metred costs or the flat rate would prove to be cost-effective for them.



You can expect a bit of safety and the security when you have hired us. The drivers who are working for us have undergone a thorough background check. And each of the vehicles is licensed. Usually, we ask the customer to check the driving license before sitting.


What more can you expect from us when we say that we offer you GPS Navigation?


Also, our drivers are thoroughly trained to deal with unforeseen incidents. No matter what kind of circumstances occur, our driver will always and always consider it his responsibility to make you reach your destination safely


Privacy and Comfort

When we travel by public transport, then we have to share the seats with those whom we do not even want to be. Sometimes, we are seated with some strange people who are in the habit of poking their nose in other’s business which none of us would like. But if you book a cab or a taxi, you can enjoy your comfort in the comfortable seating of the car.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


All of us need to book a Sherwood park taxi sometimes when our cars have gone for repairs or the replacement of something. These are the best taxi services since they offer you flat rate cabs. Since we take so much benefit from the cars and the taxi services, have we ever imagined how the taxi services have originated.


Public Vehicles

The history of public vehicles is about 100s years old, much before motor cars originated. In 1605, the first hackney coach service was hired 1605. Carriages were hired by 1625. And ten years after, in 1635, the first carriage act was passed which was known as the hackney carriage act.


Did you know?

By 1637, it was only Parsian Nicolas Sauvage who provided fiacres (horse carriages) to be hired in the French city.



Immediately after 1662, hackney carriage licenses commenced being issued.


Origin of the Hansom Cabs

These were named after the famous architect Joseph Hansom. These were originated in 1834. These were also two-wheeled carriages like the hackney carriages. But the little difference was that these are highly light and faster as compared to the hackney carriages.

Since it was competitively cheaper to ride so within no time their popularity got spread in the following regions:

  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • St Petersburg
  • New York City


When were the taxis started?

The taxis were started in 1891. The taxis which are run today are based on the taximeter. This taximeter was invented in 1891.


Do you know what a ‘Taximeter’ is?

It is an instrument that is accountable for measuring the total distance and the time the vehicle travels. The fare here is to be determined accurately.


When was the first Gasoline-powered Taxi invented?

The whole credit for making the transportation easy for us goes to Gottlieb Daimler. It was completely his idea to bring about a vehicle powered by gasoline and equipped with a taximeter. With all his efforts, in 1897, it became possible to bring about the world’s first taxi. Not only this, he was the founder of the world’s first motorised taxi company.


Did you know?
The cabs are known as hummingbirds in London because of the sound they make.


Who invented the cabs?

Walter Bersey in 1897 was the first man who not only designed this but attempted to introduce these as well. The successful introduction of cabs in 1897 made cabs popular


How did the concept of the yellow taxis come into being?

Harry Allen imparted a taxi from France and tried to think of the way with which he could stand apart in the traffic. He thought that it is the different colours that can attract attention. He decided to paint it yellow.

Why are taxis known to play an important role in World War I?

The taxis played a major role in World War I. They helped to make the soldier reach the front. These also helped the refugees to save their lives. It was only these taxis that helped the wounded people to reach out to the treatment at the earliest.

Flat Rate taxi  Sherwood Taxi


When we are talking about the Pandemic and travelling, then only one question arises in mind, “Whether it is safe to travel in the Pandemic or not?” Yes, it is. But only if you are relying on the services of the Sherwood park Taxi. That is the company which does not only offer you the high-quality services but the major benefit of these because of which people like the most is the flat rate cabs.


But when we are particularly talking about travelling in the covid times, then we are even more serious about the safety and the security measures:


We have mandated the masks

Since all of us know that the Covid-19 is not present in the air. It is transferred from one person to another through the air expelled from the mouth during the exhalation process. So if we are not wearing the masks then we are contributing to making our environment polluted with the COVID germs.


No-contact transaction

Since hands are among the main sources through which the Covid germs pass from one individual to another. This is why we have paid the maximum attention to this thing and opted for the cashless transaction. Cashless transactions can be any form of online payment platform or it can be the payment that is done through credit or debit cards.

We accept that there are rare times when people do not have an online or cashless medium to pay for the travelling fares. In that case, we have instructed our drivers to sanitize the hands of both the customers and yours before and after getting handed over with the cash.


The seats are sanitized after each use

After a customer has finished his ride and then the next customer is to be seated for travelling purposes, then in those cases, our drivers are mandated to sanitize each inch of the car before receiving the next ride.


When you are with us, then you can expect us to provide you with a bit of security and safety.


The drivers are regularly checked

We know that it is the driver who can emerge as the main source for spreading the Covid infection since his job is not the stationary kind. He has to visit a lot of places daily. And no matter how many precautions he is taking, sometimes somehow unknowingly they get the germs of the infection in them. So before joining the duty, the drivers are instructed to visit the office premises, so that their full-body checkup is done. Once they are found to be healthy, only then they are allowed to take the duty further.


Final Comments!

In short, we can only say when it is about the Cab or the taxi service, then please count on us only. We know what is the news of the day and how we can make our clients utmostly satisfied.